Love Stationery? Then Come On and See the New Collection From Snow and Graham Chicago!

There is a delicate elegance to everything Snow & Graham Chicago makes and so, I have loved them for a long time.

Their cards are sweet and simple – good for any occasion and suitable for even the pickiest or most sensitive relative or friend.

I had the opportunity to check out their new line of products and they are just stunning.

Snow & Graham is known for their cards, and for good reason – graphics and test are letterpressed onto thick folded ivory card with matching envelope.

Their For the Little One Wagon card is a fantastic card to give to the parents of a newborn – so contemporary and yet, with a definite air of nostalgia. The colours too – letterpressed red and brown ink !

And although it’s not quite Christmas, it’s not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s cards. In fact, after New Year’s Eve, it’s next on the calendar. With pink striped flowers with a spot of brown in the middle and a very simple “Happy Valentine’s Day,” this is a perfect card to give to a parent, friend, neighbour or relative without it being too much.

I’ve got 3 weddings to go to so far in 2008, so I’ve been on the lookout for spectacular cards to give. And I’ve found in the Bridal Bouquet card. Letterpressed in French blue and mango ink a beautiful swirl of flower arrangement accompanies the phrase “To love, honor and cherish” on the front. It is classic and sweet and just the right sentiment for the most special day.

And along with weddings, there are a few babies on their way so the Shower Parasols greeting card is going to be needed as well. The soft pink and green parasols give a contemporary feel and the thick ivory stock lends a timeless quality.

And I for one can never have enough birthday cards so I like the bright and bold red and brown gerbera flowers cards that reads "Happiest Birthday." It says it all.

And of course I love boxed cards. I write to a friend in New York every week or so and tell her what’s going on in the city and I send another friend – this one in town – notes to help her through the tumbles of dating life.

So the Ivory Pattern Notes are a wonderful way to stay in touch. There are 6 to an acrylic box and the thick ivory paper with intricate flower design in red is a great way to brighten someone’s day.

Those and the Cherry Blossom Signature Boxed Notes that I just love. There are 12 to a box and the box is just as beautiful as the cards – you’ll want to keep it to put your recipe or business cards in!

And I always, always, always have thank you cards to keep on hand. You never know when you’re going to need one. In fact, I had dinner with my best friend last night and just sent her one this morning to thank her for a wonderful time – we laughed so hard that I thought we’d have to pull the car over!

I love the Green Leaves Boxed Notes that have the loveliest kaffir lime leaves with a small letterpressed thank you above. There are 6 to a box which means I’m going to need another box by March…

But don’t think that Snow & Graham just does cards. Oh no, no no. They do fantastic home and office stuff that you are going to loooove. Check it out:

Birds watching over their nest on a tree branch on the cover of a 64 lined page notebook is the perfect item for tracking tasks and lists on your desk or to keep in your bag on the go. It’s much better than those dollar store spiral bound things that curl at the edges. Eck. Get yourself one of these!

And instead of putting your coffee mug on the table or desk and leaving unsightly rings, use the most beautiful Blue Cherry Just Coasters. They are durable and yet soft and come in that sumptuous cherry blossom pattern but this time its Tiffany Blue on White. And wait – it gets better! On the other side is the same pattern but White on Blue. How sweet is that? Not only will your office look better for it, but your furniture too.

And you can turn it over to change your space up a little.


And I don’t know about you, but I go through a heck of a lot of stickie notes. I’ve got them all over my planner and notebooks and use them to keep my fella updated on my whereabouts (it’s a little more personal than a text, dontcha think?).

But I go through them like stink. In fact, I just bought a whole stack of them on Saturday because I knew that over the holidays, I’d use a whole whack of them.

Of course, not only does Snow & Graham make beautiful ones, but they comes in a package of 700!

I know!

Can you believe it? And the outside of the block is covered in the most beautiful simple line drawing of leaves in white and chocolate brown on a deep turquoise background. The note is white, but just imagine who pretty your desk will look with these instead of those industrial yellow thing?

I’ve banished my other ones to my bottom drawer and now only have the Leaves Noteblock out. It’s just too pretty to put away.

The Snow & Graham website is in the works, so if you want to see the collection and buy online, I've found a place that has almost all of it - check it out!

Stephanie Dickison

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