Happy Feet Can Be Found in Havaianas!

I first noticed Havaianas years ago, on my friend and (neighbour) Allison’s feet. It was 32 degrees outside and we were heading out from the apartment building for a late dinner.

Her tiny size 5 feet always look perfect but somehow her feet looked even better, and comfortable, in what seemed to be plain ol’ flip flops.

Well, yes her feet looked good and she was indeed comfortable, but I had a lot to learn about the craftsmanship and quality of Havaianas.

And they are no mere flip flops – they are the best rubber sandals.


They are designed and made by Sao Paulo Alpargatas and offer a wide range of colours, styles and thickness.

They are based on a Japanese sandal design and though they may look like regular flip flops – they are anything but. They are extremely flexible and durable and oh so comfortable!

Let’s see your discount store flip flop do all that.

They have been popular in Brazil for decades but the States just got ‘em about 3 years ago so they are relatively new, but have taken off for their quality, look and well, celebs can’t get enough of them.

I am uncomfortable having things between my toes, but honestly – these are so comfortable, it didn’t bother my tootsies one bit! I got the Top Style and just loooove them.!

They are springy and cushy, unlike most flip flips I’ve tried and very bendy and flexible, so you can walk at an incline and not be uncomfortable – fantastic! And no one offers you as many colours as these.

Of course, I got black.

It’s not my fault they go with everything!

Stephanie Dickison

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