cuffwear cufflinks are fab AND affordable!

I love a company that makes cool design affordable for those of us who are not able to shop at Tiffany’s every lunch hour.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have great taste or don’t want to look good.

That’s I was so thrilled to find cuffwear - cufflinks designed by Chris Zownir.

Having worked the Bay Street, Chris knows that looking good wins the race. But he’s managed to infuse edginess and humour into a formerly stagnant arena.

He has created many categories – 3D, Stone, Fabric, Enamel, Winter, Breast Cancer, Recreational and Custom – and there are over 45 unique styles to choose from.

Each pair is only $65 and comes in a cool tin box, which also can be used to store the links in when they are not in use – great idea.

Having cuffwear is like wearing jewellery and art on your sleeve and there is truly something for everyone on your shopping list – husband, father, brother-in-law, work colleague, neighbor, etc.

They have the most fun 3D designs! I love the high roller, a pair of dice that would be perfect for the poker player in your family. And there’s the bulldog, which I think would say a lot about the man who wore them. And because men shouldn’t have all the fun, I’m thinking of either the skull & crossbones or the lobster for myself – just think, a woman in a crisp white shirt with cuffs, and the coolest cufflinks you’ve ever seen. Pretty hot, right?

I’m pretty sweet on the enamel collection as well. Deadly Nightshade is manly with a soft edge, I Wanna Be a DJ are a perfect gift for the music lover in your life, and the Rock Star Cufflinks are a vital accessory when you are rockin’ a pinstripe suit.

cuffwear is one of those companies that you’ll go back to again and again because they have such a great selection, you can update your look in an instant, they are incredibly affordable and the quality is top-notch.

I bet you’ve had a pair of clunky gold cufflinks sitting at the back of a drawer since you were a young boy. Isn’t it time for an upgrade?

Stephanie Dickison

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