the candi factory makes handmade undies that you’re going to want to show off!

I know what you’re thinking – underwear is just underwear. Something to put on under your pants.

Not these puppies.

At the candi factory, we’re talking artisan undies that rock the house, that make you sing, heck, make your butt sing too!

Not only are the designs sweet and sexy, but they are seriously comfortable. These lovingly handmade panties are 88% Supplex and 12% Lycra so then are not only breathable, but super soft and supple.

In fact, there is a sticker on them which says, “they’ll love your bum for years to come,” and I have to say that I believe them, though I’ve had mine for far less than a year.

I got a pair of nail polish red, which are so much fun with the hand-stitched bird and bright aqua rims , I want to get them for every girl that I know and show them to the world – well, almost on the showing them to everyone thing . The forget me not, however, is just for my fella and I to enjoy. They are super sexy and so comfortable that the trying to get them off part will become a part of the evening’s activities.


I love the days of the week set with each day in a different colour and font, along with the rest of the candi factory collection. These undies are made locally and ethically in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Candice Levine so you can feel good about supporting a small business.

And at only $20 a pair, you can afford to get them for everyone on your list. I’m writing mine up right now.

Oh, there are funky man briefs too. Women need not only apply.

Happy Shopping!

Stephanie Dickison

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