Benefit Cosmetics Just Keeps Batting ‘Em Outta The Park!

I have written about Benefit Cosmetics two or three times now. That’s because their products are so fantastic, they have a great sense of humour about them and they do such innovative stuff!

So here are the latest Benefit gems that you’re going to want to rush out and get**:

Powder Pop! Face Powders offer a trio of colour – Dandelion – a brightening face powder, Hoola – a lovely bronzer, and Dallas – as Benefit says, “an outdoor glow doe an indoor glow face powder.” Doesn’t that sound like every kind of powder you need? I thought so…

And you’ll want to keep the 10 Palette close on hand – it has a powder duo that bronzes and highlights “in one sexy sweep” and includes two shades of lipstick and eyeshadow to complete your look for day or night. It’s everything you need to look good without all the fuss – isn’t that what you’ve been looking for since your teens?

You Clean Up Nice! cleaner than clean face wash is soap and oil free. It foams while it cleans, so your skin feels smooth and refreshed immediately. Just don’t use it around your eyes!

“that gal” brightening face primer is a unique product in that, while it can be worn alone, worn under makeup, it makes your appear more radiant – something I’m sure all of those of you working under fluorescents all day can appreciate. The silky pink primer contains raspberry, chamomile and sweet almond and algae extracts to smooth and moisturize your skin. This is one of those “wow” products that transforms your appearance immediately.

Another innovative product and like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it the Cupid’s Bow Set which invisibly shapes your lips to create a more dramatic outline! It’s really amazing and now of course, I can’t stop using it…

D’finer D’liner, a clear lipliner that locks your lip product in place with no feathering or bleeding. A must have for anyone that wants to look their best!

24k Sexy Gold Lip Gloss and Lip Stick is the most gold lip product I’ve ever seen! So sexy and g-l-a-m-o-u-r-o-u-s! You can wear them alone or over lipstick for a more subdued look. A must have for late night drinks and aperitifs and exclusively available at sephora.

Her Glossiness A-List Lip Gloss is “an ultra-shine gloss for very important people,” and which really do deliver fantastic shine. I love the colours and their names. I am currently switching between these fantastic shades - talk to my agent (golden berry shimmer), next question please (sheer wine), where’s my stylist (sheer blackberry)? and who does your work (sugar plum shimmer)?

And in case you’re having trouble deciding which shade to go with, get the Her Glossiness Gift Set, which is a set of 3 double-ended glosses. It’s a limited edition, so be sure to get it before they are sold out.

** Yes, you can go right now, but just read the whole thing first. You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything…

Stephanie Dickison

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