TASHODI - The Canadian FairTrade Cosmetics Co. Is The Place To Buy Your Bath & Beauty Products

Isn’t this amazing? Now you can get fairly traded cosmetics and beauty products all in one place!

And the quality of TASHODI products is unbelievable!

I love their soaps, which smell incredible and are beautiful to look at! They have Tea and Lemon, Ocean Minerals, Pure Lavender and Espresso and Bergamot. So delicious! Just don’t eat ‘em…

The Ocean Minerals Body Bar has wonderful ingredients spirulina, sea salt and fair trade shea butter and is one of the biggest bars I’ve ever seen. It is lovely to look at – like a vegetable pate and has beautiful messages throughout – there is a sticker placed on it with “follow your passion” on it and the little enclosed note reads:

“Use in the shower for peace, self-nuturing and cleansing. Spend this time thinking about the rest and relaxation to come.

Please be sure to place the cello wrapper in your compost, as it is 100% biodegradable.

With love,

The Tashodi Team”

When’s the last time a company brought you on the verge of tears? Isn’t that beautiful? And the bar is so rich and luxurious, you won’t want to come out of the shower.

And speaking of the shower, don’t forget to get their Pure Lavender SLS Free Foaming Wash which has fair trade shea butter and lavender flowers. It smells like an entire lavender field and leaves your skin feeling sooooo silky! You are going to love it!

To really go that extra silky mile, the Pure Lavender Body Polish is so wonderful and a real must for the upcoming cooler months. It contains Certified fair trade brown rice, kaolin clay, lavender flowers, calendula and chamomile flowers and pure lavender essential oil.

If you love lavender as much as I do, these 2 products will have you singing in the shower and skipping your way to work!

And if you’re more of a bath person, then the Tea & Lemon Bath Soak is for you. This beautiful glass jar is filled with Epsom and sea salts, Transfair Certified Fair Trade Green Tea, Lemon Peel, Australian Red Clay and Lemon essential oil.

With the beautiful wooden spoon they provide, you place 3 heaping spoonfuls into a hot bath and let your day’s worries drift away while the wonderful aromas soothe you and the power of ingredients goes to work on your achy muscles and tense shoulders.

Ahhh. Don’t you feel better just reading about it? Well then imagine how good it feels to soak in it…

All of their packaging is eco-friendly and their jars are for you to keep and then you can get the refills from TASHODI when you need them! Awesome.

I love this company and their products and I can feel good about supporting them because they are supporting the earth.

Can you say that abouit your current bath & beauty products?

Stephanie Dickison

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