A Must Have for Any Kitchen – Maine, Artisan and Solay Sea Salts!

It is now a common sight – sea salt in the kitchens of Mario Batali, Alfred Portale and Charlie Palmer – and it has sooomany uses - tenderizing meats, adding a little oomph to soups and even baking a whole fish or chicken just on sea salt.

But how do you go about knowing which ones to get? There are so many on the market and not all are created equal!

Well, I scoured the shelves and racks and tested many different brands and kinds and came up with 3 incredible companies, all which create very different salts, but all are amazing and will be perfect additions to your kitchen pantry.

Happy Shopping!

Maine Sea Salt Company

The air in Maine near the ocean smells like salt water. And so you can just imagine how incredible the quality Maine Sea Salt Company’s salt is.

I love their Natural Sea Salt, which I got in both a jar and a grinder. I kept the grinder on the table and used the jar at the stove when needing a pinch of it here and there.


I also enjoyed their Seasoned Sea Salts. I tried Lemon, Garlic and Apple Smoked, all which were lovely accompaniments and additions to fish, poultry, soups, stews and roasts.

These are great salts to keep on hand at all times in the kitchen. The flavours are subdued, yet add zest to the dish and I found myself making dishes around the flavours – I made fish for the Lemon Sea Salt, a wonderful orchiette and swiss chard dish with the Garlic Sea Salt. And I did the most amazing roast chicken with the Apple Smoked Sea Salt. Mmm. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

Maine Sea Salt Company has been making salt for the last 200 years so you know it’s good quality and made to last.

Isn’t that what you’re looking for in your ingredients?

Solay Wellness Inc.

Have you heard of The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt?

It is said to have energy and a life force and have powerful, therapeutic properties.

You can have a bath using its crystals, but you can use it as simple salt in the shaker on the table or stove – coarse or fine granulated or in block form for you to grate yourself over your dishes at mealtime. Its pink hue is a beautiful addition to any meal and tastes more vibrant than mere table salt. Chefs all over are using it and once you try it, you’ll keep using it – it’s that good!

And you can get it all here at Solay Wellness Inc., a company that specializes in natural beauty and health care.

Here at Solay, they are all about salt and you can get it in many different forms for different purposes.

There is the Solay Organic Moisturizing Face Lotion, which has incredible ingredients such as Himalayan So-lay water, organic avocado oil, seaweed extract and vitamin A, C and E to mention just a few! It is 100% Vegan and really sinks into your sink, giving it the moisturize it so needs.

And the Solay Detox Face Mask helps tighten your skin, soften wrinkles and sun spots. Leave it on for 10 minutes and see the difference it makes!

Not only do they do offer beauty products and salt for the kitchen, but they have a wonderful array of salt lamps to choose from.

I tried the Solay Persian salt crystal lamp (3-4lbs) . Each Solay salt lamp is completely unique. They are “one of a kind and individually hand chiseled from high quality ancient Persian salt. Our lamps have been tested and are recommended by health practitioners to help people sleep.”

Its gentle purple light is a wonderful sight to see before closing your eyes and may indeed be helping me sleep.

I love Solay because they offer so many salt products aside from just table salt. They also are experts in the field and can help you find what you are looking for. The whole-health approach is wonderful and that it is all able to healing powers of salt is even better.

Artisan Salt Company

If you are a food freak like me, then you probably are always on the hunt for something a little different.

And boy are the salts different at the Artisan Salt Company!

Each salt has its own unique taste and texture and never before have I had so much fun with trying different salts!

I love the rose hue of the Murray River Australian Pink Flake Salt and the chips of Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Pyramid Flake Salt that look like something from a jewelry box!

The incredible taste of the Fumée de Sel Chardonnay Oak Smoked Fleur de Sel is so much fun to experiment with (meats, fish, soups) and finishing a dish with Fleur de Sel de Guérande is such a treat, as it is considered to be one of the best to use by many top chefs!

I love the deep reddish-brown colour of the coarse Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt. It contains purified Alae clay which “contains minerals and has a mild taste,” and looks so incredible on the plate!

These salts are certainly gourmet, but you don’t have to have your chef papers to use them! Experiment and try something new tonight with Artisan Salts! You’ll have the best time!

I know I did.

Stephanie Dickison

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