Fred & FRIENDS Makes My Home a Whirlwind of Fun!

I love Fred & FRIENDS because they have such a great sense of humour and their products are long lasting, of great quality and so much fun that you will not only be buying items for gifts but getting one for yourself along the way.

You just won’t be able to resist!

Here are some suggestions for gifts the upcoming holiday season, parties, birthdays and heck – just for yourself!

TOASTED NOTES – it’s like butter

This yellow stick-it notes are the pat of butter that sit on a lovely, seemingly just toasted piece of bread. So making a note to yourself just got a little more fun.

- Drop off dry cleaning
- Go to post office
- Pick up bread

Hey, wait a second…

It comes with 5 little pats of butter (stick-it notes) so you’re sure to be organized for a long time.

And what a fun way to keep on top of stuff! I mean, if you’re just using a plain ol’ pad, well, that’s just sad.

Organizing yourself just got a whole lot butter. Uh, better.

ROMEO& JULIENNE – the all-time classic cutting board

This 6” x 9.5” solid beechwood (pre-seasoned with mineral oil) cutting board is the perfect kitchen accessory.

You can slick, dice and mince to your heart’s content and then shelf it either next to your cookbooks or alongside your cooling racks, pot covers and whatever else you keep in that bottom cabinet of yours.

Just think though – with its spine facing you, you’ll be able to distinguish it right away from all that other stuff crammed into the cupboard.

And everyone loves a classic love story every once in awhile – now you can enjoy one every night.

PILLOS - designed by Gama-Go

These pillows are the perfect home accessory that are sure to be different than your neighbours.

These 100% cotton cartoony throw pillows make a wonderful statement as to where your interests lay – did you pick the fire hydrant or campfire? Are you rockin’ the caveman club or is yours the more meat variety? The smiling mushroom will say a lot about you, as will the grey gun, and the smoking pigeon is sure to get the room talking.

But my ultimate picks are the red and white guitar that is Van Halen worthy and the large boombox that will have you beat-boxin’ the Beasties, Run D.M.C., and maybe even singing a little Ray Parker Jr. if the mood strikes.

SKELETONKEYS – glow in the dark skullcaps for your keys

Now that skulls are all punk and cool, I’ve been finding myself accessorizing with them in the most unexpected ways.

I got a silver necklace with a small skull pendant, but it is somehow sweet and not at all menacing.

For my smart phone, I got a crystal kit that you stick on your phone. My pink skull is smiling and has black hearts for eyes, so it’s nowhere near full-on punk.

And now I have my cute key covers that glow in the dark (Brilliant!). They come in such subdued colours (mauve, lime, baby blue, lemon yellow, light gray and pink) and are such a fun shape in the softest, most malleable plastic, that it is impossible to do anything but smile when you see them.

I’m no Avril or Pink, but I am totally rockin’ my SKELETONKEYS!

BITE ME – dog toys to drool over

My dog Rip (named after actor Rip Torn) loves to play, but he is very particular about what he’ll fetch, throw and catch.

He was as excited about the BITE ME line as I was, as he tore into the RARE non-toxic imitation leatherette T-Bone Steak. It is not intended for heavy chewers, so we played with it for a short while and then I put it away. It’s not meant to be chewed on continuously, but as play toy to throw and catch.

He zigged when I zagged and we had the best time.

There is also SWEET (a donut complete with sprinkles), GOBBLE (a drumstick – mmm!), and BARK (a tree branch) available should your dog not be into red meat.

WOOFERANG – a fetching toy

And speaking of dogs, this strong, reinforced orange rubber toy is a great way to spend the day in the park with your pooch.

Ripper loved catching it in his big mouth, but would drop it and have me come over to get it and throw it for him.

Smart fella that Rip.

PEEPSHOW – get an eyeful

This little shot glass arrived, and since going to a tequila tasting a couple of months ago, we’ve had this great sipping tequila (like you’d sip on scotch) and so, an extra shot glass came in very handy.

However, I couldn’t figure out what was so great about this one. It had a slightly raised inner cone in the middle, but otherwise it looked like just a plain ol’ shooter glass.

I couldn’t figure it out. Fred & FRIENDS never do anything plain.

As I washed it, I swore a saw an image of a redheaded woman, like a pin up from the 50s, but when I held it up to the window, I saw nothing.

It was until my fella was sippin’ on a tequila later that week, that he looked down and saw the redhead.

This R-rated image was so fantastic, that I think he only looked up a couple times to catch what was going on in the episode of The Unit we were watching (doesn’t he know you can’t look away in this show – that you’ll undoubtedly miss something important?!).

I think it’s so cool that you can’t see the image until the glass is full – sooo smart.

So because the redhead is from the Cheesecake Set (4 glasses of different babes), I’m off to get the Beefcake set (4 fellas) .

Because why should he have all the fun?!

TRANSFERS – stick ‘em up

I love all of the silhouettes and stencils that are in fashion now. And Fred & FRIENDS have created a wonderful way to make them a part of your everyday life.

They have colourful plastic transfers that stick practically everywhere. They are dishwasher safe, so dress up your glasses, plates and fridge with ‘em. Put them on the tub, toilet or bathroom mirror for added visual effect. Don’t worry that are removable so you can change them around as suits your mood. There are 6 different series – Zoo Animals, Birds, Animal Embroidery, Farm Animals, Cross-Stitch Patterns and my personal favourite, Leaves.

I put them on our milk glass wine decanter and matching glasses, on my write on-wipe off board above my desk and in the bathroom, which added such a lovely touch, I’m thinking of doing the kitchen now too.

COOL JAZZ – freeze, stir & chill ice cube tray

Ice cubes have come a long way in recent years. In fact, the Fred & FRIENDS COOL JEWELS diamond ice cube tray took the world by storm a year or two ago.

But the COOL JAZZ set is unique is that these guitars are big enough to keep your drink cold long after most cubes have melted and you can stir your drink with the guitar neck, making sure that all the alcohol doesn’t sink to the bottom.

Awesome, dude.

XPOSED – get in touch with your inner stuff

The first time I saw this line of bags, I couldn’t believe it. What fun. How cheeky.

Of course it could only be Fred & FRIENDS that came up with such a bag.

There durable, non-woven plastic fiber bags come in 3 styles – a shoulder bag, grocery tote and cosmetic bag.

You know, every size you could need. Especially when travelling.

These black bags have the x-rayed outline of things you might take with you on a plane – keys, a billfold of cash, iPod and cellphone – and things that you’d want to think twice about – the snub-nose revolve, brass knuckles.

I won’t ruin the surprise of what else you’ll find on the back.

You’re going to want to see this one for yourself!

CASSETTE TOTE – mix it up with this retro carry-all

This bag R-O-C-K-S!

A full-colour flexible plastic tote that looks like a huge cassette tape is perfect for your everyday needs. The handles look like the tape is unraveling and will have your friends envious of your cool factor.

And this is all before they know that you know all the words to the Wham Rap.

Uh uh.

**** There is soooo much cool stuff that Fred & FRIENDS make. These are just the things I tried. Go to the website and check-check-check it all out.

Stephanie Dickison

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