Cadie Makes The Chores Around the House a Delight!

I love that people are out there creating things to make our lives better, easier and our clothes brighter and whiter!

Cadie is a company that specializes in cleaning aids, along with other things to help you throughout the day.

I love their Fuzz-A-Way Fabric Groomer which removes pills, fuzz and balls from sweaters, jackets, scarves and blankets. It is super tiny and can be kept in your purse if you want to get to the pills right away. I’m keeping mine beside my closet so that when I pull something out, I can remove anything right then and there.

The Magicutter Coupon Cutter is not just for coupons. It is perfect for newspaper so you can cut out that article or recipe without tears or frays. A great little items to keep on hand!

And the Dry Cleaning Pad is perfect for your couch, curtains, chairs, ceiling tiles, car interior and even wallpaper. It “erases dirt like magic” and is safe to use on the most delicate fabrics. It is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about using it around the house. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

And their Chef’s Favourite Fat Absorbers are 10 sheets that blot away fat and grease while you’re cooking. A perfect time (and health)-saver in the kitchen!

Now let’s talk about laundry – one of the biggest chores in the house. Cadie has created some really fantastic products to help save you time and money when it comes to doing laundry.

The RLR Laundry Treatment is a Once-A-Month Laundry Treatment that is not detergent or bleach, but manages to make whites whiter and colours brighter. Just open up the ball and put contents on top of your clothes in the machine. The treatment does the rest! You get better looking clothes and there is no work involved! Isn’t that fantastic?

You’ll also want to get the Stubborn Stain Remover Laundry Stick which you simply rub on and wash and the stain is gone! It removes grease and grime from shirt collars and cuffs, perspiration stains, grass stains, coffee, wine and juice stains, lipstick, ketchup, ink and even blood! I am constantly trying to get out stains from my fellas clothes and this will save me so much time and energy! I am thrilled to have found this product.

And so then of course I had to get the Dry Cleaner in a Stick, which removes spots from fabrics safely without leaving a ring. You can use it on clothing, carpet and upholstery and it contains no solvents.

Yep, I feel ready for anything now - stains, fuzz, fat - BE GONE!

Stephanie Dickison

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