Create Magical Moments with SerendipiTEA

What beautiful, decadent teas I had from serendipiTEA.

Not only were there unusual blends that I had never had before, but the quality of the tea was evident in every sip!

DAHL HOUSEFair Trade Certified Organic Black Tea, Ginger and Peach – was vibrant and an unexpected delight and TWILIGHT – Chamomile, Lavender and China Black – soothed my before bed and the scents of chamomile and lavender drifted alongside me in slumber. Mmm.

Really Goethe – Lemon Myrtle, Jasmine, Rose, Laurel and Green Tea - has an intriguing and intoxicating fragrance and taste. It’s so many things at once that it is difficult to describe, but you’ll keep coming back for more in order to figure it out.

The new Fair-Trade blend with Blood Orange was so refreshing, I finished the container of tea in only 3 days!

But the one has a special place in my heart – and my tummy - ONCE UPON A TEA – Chocolate Bits, Mint, Vanilla & Rooibos. When the box arrived, my good friend and neighbour Darren dropped by. I showed him the package and he looked like I did when I first saw it – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I mean, it has chocolate and mint and vanilla – it was like a dream come true!

And it lived up to all of our expectations. We drained our cups quickly and headed back for more.

But it’s not only the tea that remains such a wonderful memory. It’s the sun streaming through the windows, a pumpkin-coloured cat stretching and yawning in our midst and two friends and neighbours curled up on the couch, trading stories and dreams.

That’s what tea is all about.

That, and having a really good cuppa, like SerendipiTEA.


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