Top 5 Quick Fixes That Are Going to Revolutionize Your Day!

I get to try a lot of products that claim to do the job – add shine your hair, minimize your wrinkles and help live a better life.

Here’s a list of 10 that I’ve recently tried that will rock your world and hopefully make your day a little bit easier, a little bit brighter.


Stephanie Dickison
Editor of the knack

Ted Gibson Hair Sheets

I love innovative products, and I’ve got to say that the Ted Gibson Hair Sheet Treatment is one of the most interesting.

A box includes 5 sheets (like large wet naps for your hair) that you massage over your dry hair starting with the ends and working your way up.

They have a lovely light fragrance (wild orchid extract, natural lavender oil) and I applied mine once a week in the evening. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work as the application process is so new, but even after the first try, my hair was immediately silkier and softer the following morning.

The deep-conditioning formula is a complex of silk amino acids and vitamins A, B5 and E moisturizes and fortifies your hair.

You’re going to want to buy these buy the case!

Steaz Organic Fuel

I don’t like energy drinks because of the combination of caffeine, sugar and calories. Also, they always taste like motor oil mixed with Gatorade. Eck.

But I was astounded by how yummy Steaz Energy Organic Fuel was and how energized I felt without being shaky or on edge.

The way Steaz describes it is this – “Our mission – to create a light and refreshing berry flavoured energy drink alternative that improves your customer’s health and vitality, while providing a ‘buzz’ they will feel good about.”

Thanks to Fair Trade Certified Ceylon green tea, Sambazon’s Acai fruit, Rainforest grown Guayaki Yerbe Mate and a touch of organix Guarana and pure sugar cane juice, this is an energy drink that allows you that little bit of extra energy in the day without all of the preservatives, additives and unnatural ingredients found in a lot of energy drinks.

It is also only 90 calories, so no need to worry about added pounds.

Now if only my corner store carried it…

Jo–Shaw Wipes

These are one of those products that once you use, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Chemical wipes that smell like car or baby’s bottoms are all that we’ve had up until now, but Jo-Shaw Wipes are all-natural cleansing wipes that contain essential oils. And you can use them for anything. They were originally designed as a natural way to clean yoga mats (brilliant!), but can be used in so many ways – as a way to clean your hands after a meal, refresh your feet or freshen up items in your office.

There are a number of scents to choose from – lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tangerine – and the wipes contain no alcohol or bleach and are biodegradable. As well, the outer plastic bag is 100% recyclable.

I used my wipes to refresh my fella’s office chair, soothe my feet after a long walk and also wipe the interior of my wedge sandals and ballet flats to keep them feeling fresh and clean despite the recent almost 40 degree temperatures!

The scents are not overpowering – just a hint floats in the air.

The wipes come in convenient packets so that you can put them in your purse, briefcase or gym bag and always have them on you.

There are a lot of things I’ll leave at home, but this isn’t one of them.

Change the World for Ten Bucks: 50 Ways to Make a Difference

One of the greatest things we can do in a day is think about our impact on the world and change something we do to help preserve the earth and its people.

But the thought of that to most people is so overwhelming – where to start, and everyone’s so busy they don’t have time to surf websites and set aside hours everyday to plan what they’ll do next to change the world.

But you don’t have to, thanks to Paul Edney’s fantastic, inspiring book, Change the World for Ten Bucks: 50 Ways to Make a Difference.

The book costs only $10 (in Canada) and each page is a photo and an action. It couldn’t be simpler.

For example, action 35 is “write to someone who inspired you,” and it gets even easier to complete, because Paul’s even included the postcard for you! Action 39 is “Shop locally,” so instead of driving across town to the supercentre to pick up everything in bulk, stroll down to your local area and buy from these merchants, local farmers, etc.

These are small steps, but each step you take makes a difference.

I want to make a difference, don’t you?
You can purchase and learn more about the book by contacting Borden Communications at

Renee Rouleau Instant Line Filler with Vitamin C

It was like I had had a facelift. Or at least an eyelift.

I tried the Renee Rouleau Instant Line Filler with Vitamin C not expecting much, but when I finished applying it (all of one second), the bags I’ve had under my eyes COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED, as did the fine lines around the outer edges. I looked rested and cheery and about 5 years younger. I know the word MIRACLE is thrown around a lot, but I really have never seen anything like this.

It works AS SOON AS you put it on and lasts much of the day. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in how I feel about how I look. I honestly feel like I look much, much better.

I would never have plastic surgery or inject anything into my face, so this is what I’m calling the pain-free version to plump, unlined skin.

I know you’re going to have to see it to believe it. So what are you waiting for?

Stephanie Dickison

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