Fill Your Pantry with Bionaturae Organic Pastas, Nectars, Oils & Vinegars

I am also on the hunt for food that not only tastes good but is good for you.

bionaturae- the premiere line of organic foods from Italy - offers everything you need to make a wonderful and memorable meal.

I am a huge fan of fruit nectar and was thrilled by bionaturae’s unique flavours – Sour Cherry, Sicilian Lemon, Wild Berry and Bilberry. Because they are made from heirloom varieties, the nectars aren’t too thick or sweet – no sugar or water added! Simply perfect! We liked them so much that we went through 4 bottles in 3 days!

Their 100% Italian organic olive oils and balsamic vinegars are beautiful! Rich and fruity, they are perfect for salad dressings, marinating meats or simply drizzling over bread or vegetables.

I have figured out that it is worth seeking out high-quality, organic pasta – it cooks up and tastes much better. And bionaturae’s pastas are fabulous (bionaturae has been the #1 organic pasta in the US for 3 years and it’s easy to see why)!

I review restaurants weekly and can tell the difference between good Italian pasta and an imposter. There are a number of shapes and varieties to choose from and I made everything from cold pasta salads to spaghetti Bolognese! Such goodness!

And if you’re not too keen on whole wheat pasta yet, I’d suggest trying theirs. It doesn’t have that tough texture and heavy feel that might have turned you off the whole idea.

I am trying to purchase as many wholesome, organic foods as possible and now I have just added the bionaturae line of products to my must-have list.

It just makes sense.

Stephanie Dickison

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