Set Editions Cards Are Beautiful AND Smart!

Gosh, lately I have been sending out cards and letters by the toteful.

In fact, yesterday I popped 23 envelopes into the post box – thank you cards, sympathy cards, get well cards, miss you cards, funny postcards, sweet postcards and all sorts of things. It’s been quite the time in people’s lives, it seems, and so I wanted them to know that they were in my thoughts and if there is anything I can do, I’m always here.

That’s why I wish I had known about Set Editions.

That Alison Riley is one smart gal. She has created CARDSTOCK, a box of 40 offset cards and 42 envelopes - all made out of 100% post-consumer paper – for every occasion that calls for a card.

There’s an assortment of birthday, congrats, valentines, mothers day, fathers day, sympathy, anniversary, blank, get well, holiday and new year cards, all with exquisite colourful designs and allowing you to tell those who mean the most how you feel without the stress of having to run out and get a card that perhaps is not the best card you could have chosen. No worry of that with this lovely pack! You will want to get one at the beginning of each year. It will be as necessary as your yearly calendar, favourite mug and worn ballerina flats!

Since I didn't know about CARDSTOCK, I’ve been using her other lovely cards and now I’m hooked!

I love the Morse Code card that is suitable for any occasion and since many of my friends are attending teacher’s college this September, I’m thinking the Common Latin Phrases would be perfect.

Alison has created beautiful chipboard postcards and I gave the Heart one to my Dad. I’m giving him an old iMac so that he can do his artwork and Photoshop stuff on it and this card was perfect. Sometimes it doesn’t take many words to say “I love you,” and in this case, the bubblegum pink heart says it all!

And the box of VOTE cards (25 per box) are sturdy little business cards that simply say “VOTE” on one side in big red block letters. Not only do I make sure to vote every year, my fella and I make it into an event, going for dinner, talking about the candidates, raising the issues. It is so much fun, and a privilege! And this year it just happens to fall on my birthday, so I’m doubly excited!

I have been using the cards to clip to magazine articles that I send to friends and to write little reminders to myself throughout the day. I carry them in my purse and that little four letter word is pretty powerful and I am grateful to Alison for recognizing and promoting its importance.

So as you can see, they are not only skillfully designed, but they’re damned smart too.

And I have only pointed out a minute portion of the great stuff that she has!

Wait until you see “Truth Hurts” letterpress card set...


Stephanie Dickison

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