Estée Lauder Brings Out the Best in Me!

I recently had the opportunity to try a number of items from Estée Lauder’s newest lines and I am so thrilled with my new finds that I just had to share them with you!

I hope you enjoy them!

Stephanie Dickison
Fashion & Beauty Editor of the knack

The Eyes Have It!

With the introduction of Estée Lauder’s Signature Silky EyeShadow Duos, I am ready to go to a breakfast business meeting looking sharp, review a restaurant in the evening looking sophisticated and then meet my fella for a late-night drink looking all sexy!

These two-perfectly suited and colour-coordinated shares in a sleek, mirrored compact allows me to go through my day crease-free and change my look in an instant.

There are different finishes – matte, semi-matte and pearl finished and each case have a neutral base colour and a slightly deeper one so that you can blend them or lay them side by side for a more dramatic effect. And it’s all made easier thanks to the suave applicator, with a brush on one end and a sponge-tip on the other! Brilliant!

There are 8 shades. I like the Cappuccino (bone and warm brown) for day, Ginger (honey drop and coffee brown) for night and Plum Sugar (pale shimmer lavender and plum) for late-late night. These aren’t written in stone, mind you. I’ll change them up depending upon what I’m wearing, where I’m going, what I feel like. That’s what so much fun about these palettes – they really allow you to change your look in a matter of seconds!

And for a quick fix of colour, I love the new Double Wear Stay-in-Place ShadowSticks that come in 8 great shades with a semi-pearl finish for a glamourous touch. Not only do they glide on easily and set in 15 seconds, but they WON’T FADE FOR UP TO 12 HOURS!

Woo hoo!

I tried Silver Lilac and Bronze and with my green eyes – WOW!

It was just a little something extra I did and yet, what a difference it made!

And for an alluring eye with glimmering grey, silver and pearlescent pinks, the After Hours Pure Colour Eyeshadow in Mocha Cup is perfect – it glides on and illuminates and creates depth. Very sexy.

These are currently available at all Estée Lauder counters across Canada.

Lips Are Centre Stage!

Lipstick is one those things that is very personal – like the wallet you choose, it says a lot about you and can really make a difference in how you look.

And about 80 percent of us wear it.

Lipstick makes you seem grown up and polished – ready to take on the world!

So I was excited about the NEW very grown up collection - Estée Lauder Signature Lipsticks.

The container itself is exquisite – corrugated gold tubes make it one of the hottest accessories for Fall.

And the lipstick is moisturizing, shiny, luxurious and has great staying power – meaning the colour will stay on your lips longer, which is great, if you’re like me and dine out a lot!

The one thing that is extremely unique to this perfume is its scent -it has a hint of fig and vanilla, making it a warm and soothing choice for your lips. Mmm!

There are 4 colour groupings, so you’re sure to find ones that suit you perfectly. There’s Pink-Berry, Mauve-Plum, Nude-Brown and Coral-Red. There is even a colourless Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 for those days when you just want protection with no colour.

For my fair skin, the Dune Rose (Pink-Berry) and Orchid Light (Mauve-Plum) looked natural and lush.

Burnished Bronze (Nude-Brown) is my favourite for weekend glam and Fall walks. It adds that little bit of oomph to my face, giving it a warm glow.

For really showing off my lips, I’m loving Rich Berry (Pink-Berry) and Rich Red (Coral-Red). They make me feel like a movie star making her entrance! These ones I wear to my evening restaurant reviews and make me feel polished and ready to take on any dish coming my way!

These will be at Estée Lauder Counters in October 2007.

If you can’t wait that long, may I suggest Estée Lauder’s High Gloss Plump? It not only is luminous, pearly lip gloss, but it plumps your lips for up to 4 hours, thanks to ingredients like ginger root oil.

The slight tingling sensation lets you know it’s worked and the high gloss lasts for hours and never feels sticky or tacky.

I got it in Pink Plump and it suits any occasion

And the NEW After Hours Collection offer Pure Colour Lipstick in Red, Bois de Rose, Midnight Rose and Midnight Pink. I’m loving the Midnight Pink for a rich, full mouth. Mmm.

These are currently available at all Estée Lauder counters across Canada.

Face it!

And for that lovely, healthy glow that you crave, Brilliant Shimmer All-Over Powder in After Hours applied on the face, shoulders and décolletage look incredible - people will ask where you’ve been vacationing.

This compact offers 3 sheer shades that you can apply separately or in one fell swoosh for optimum radiance.

I’m making sure I keep this close by all winter long - pale skin be gone!

This is currently available at all Estée Lauder counters across Canada.

Wait! There’s more!

I just received the newest line Into the Night, which is all about decadence for the holiday season. This collection of sheer, luminous, metallic hues are perfect for entertaining and the parties you’ll attend this season.

I like the Signature Silky Eye Shadow Duo in Citrine, which has a pearl finish and can last up to 8 hours. There are specially-coated micronized powers and pigments keeping the textures soft and smooth, so your eyes won’t just look good – they’ll feel pampered too!

And my favourite lipsticks/glosses for holiday parties are the Pure Colour Lipstick in NEW, LIMITED EDITION shades of Gold Ruby, Platinum Blush and Platinum Amber and Pure Colour Crystal Gloss in warm Gold Berry and Light Copper!

The lipstick in Platinum Amber is soft with hints of peachy-rose, but upon application, the shine comes through and all I can think of is Brigitte Bardot! Va-va-voom!

And the gloss in Gold Berry is rich and sophisticated and a perfect accessory to the holidays. I might not be able to wait until then…

Stephanie Dickison

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