Sweetriot Are Addictive!

But don’t worry – they’re good for you!

sweetriot are chocolate covered cacao nibs that are truly delicious and incredibly addictive.

I ate the whole container in one afternoon of writing – thank goodness they are only 140 calories per tin!

sweetriot are all natural treats which satisfy any craving for sweets, and cacao nibs contain more antioxidants than any fruit of vegetable, according to the Department of Agriculture, so they are a considerably healthy treat.

You can choose from 50, 65 or 70% percent dark chocolate and each tin features the designs of emerging artists!

Sarah Endline, The creator of sweetriot “encourages consumers to reuse, recyle or return their tins” as part of her environmentally friendly company philosophy and works with growers in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

I like that this is a not-too-sweet treat and satisfies my occasional need for something dark chocolatey.

And I love that I can reuse the tin afterwards - I’m using them for paperclips, bobby pins, anything that is small and I need to find a home for!

They also come with a little slip of paper – a fortune of sorts with your lucky numbers (one tin included all of my lucky numbers!) on one side and a cool fact about cacao on the other. Neat-o!

I am a sweetrioter now - you will be too once you give them a try!

Stephanie Dickison

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