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Recently I have had to buy a lot of birthday presents and it’s getting harder as we get older, because people have acquired most of what they need to get by, so the usual suspects just don’t do it anymore.

I mean, can we pleeease stop with the baskets of Body Shop baskets? I still have some from when I was a teenager. It’s just sad now.

So I went in search for something different to get my nearest and dearest and found SuckUK that offers the coolest accessories and gifts all in one place.

It’s hard to just mention a couple, because the selection is so great. I mean, a solar-powered jar that you put out in the sun and then use to light your room later? A coffee table that illuminates? A wall light that you personalize with your own photographs?

It’s pretty incredible.

But those items are pretty big if you're thinking about mailing them overseasm so if you’re looking for something smaller, here are a few great ideas:

The Key Bottle Opener – it looks just like a key - how retro!

The Good Book Flask in a Book – Just what it sounds like – a beautiful flask contained within the pages of The Good Book. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Dead Fred Pen Holder – the coolest way to hold your pen and oh-so-CSI!

Stainless Steel Pocket Map – Manhattan Subway or London Underground – You will never get lost again and finally you have a map that doesn’t make you look like a tourist!

There is a lot more at their website. Check it out. I’m going back for more. After all, the year is only have over and there’s still a ton of birthdays, house warmings, anniversaries and of course, Christmas.

Finally a place to shop for the whole family…

Stephanie Dickison

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