My Eyes Light Up The Room With ZuZu Liquid Eyeliners

I have small eyes, so I have always depended upon the Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor line of eyeliner on my top lid.

I've worn it this way since I was a teenager, and although I do try to change it every once in awhile, I always come back to the look that I believe suits me best.

Because I have smallish eyes, the Cleopatra-ish line opens up my eye and makes them look a little more Sophia Loren, less Jennifer Jason Leigh.

And with the ZuZu Luxe line of Liquid Eyeliners from Gabriel Cosmetics, my eyes are more noticeable, brilliant and colourful - it's like a picture that's finally been framed.

I was unsure about the brighter colours - coppery Luxor, teal Nile, Tuareg - a rich brown, and the bright Azure blue - but each one seemed to not only complement my blue green eyes, but brought them front and centre. Luxor especially, which was a complete surprise.

And it was such a surprise because liquid eyeliner has the tendency to look very Las Vegas-y and showgirl-ish. It's not usually a very subtle look.

But with ZuZu Luxe, it goes on so smoothly and with a nice pearly finish, that it just looks like you've done your makeup well. Like a professional.

And with the Black Pearl and Raven colours, I just looked like my usual self - but with a little something extra - like when you get new glasses and people ask you if you've lost weight or had your hair cut: they know something's different, they just can't say what.

I am completely shocked by how much I love these, as I had always shied away from liquid eyeliners because they always ended up looking so harsh.

I love the different looks I can quickly achieve with a simple wand of colour.

And if you are still unsure about making the leap, they are Vegan, Opthalmologist Tested, Cruelty Free, Hypo Allergenic, Fragrance Free and Water Resistant.

And creator and CEO Gabriel DeSantino made the ZuZu Luxe luxury line from his inspiration of the European spa tradition and "blends soothing, clean and all-natural ingreidents such as spring water, herbs, vitamins, as well as rare and exotic essential oils."

Some of the ingredients in the liquid eyeliners are water (1st ingredient), jojoba oil and grapeseed extract! You won't get that in your drugstore eyeliner!

So not only are they gentle and non irratating, but the eyeliners are enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts, so even people like me with sensitive eyes and a contact wearer can feel that you look and feel good!

I can't wait to try the rest of the line!

Stephanie Dickison

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