Egg Press Delights and Delivers with Handcrafted Cards

Handmade items are all the rage now, but not everything is suited to your style or need.

Egg Press cards are perfect for whatever you need to say and/or write and are suited for any occasion.

There is a Botanical Collection with willowy flowers, ferns and even enoki! The Sweet Collection have smiley-faced skunks (“Happy Stinkentine’s Day”), lady bugs, pumpkins and even muffins and cupcakes for your friends with the insatiable sweet tooth!

There are cards with heavy graphics and ones with specific people in mind – Mom, Happy Couple Congrats, and even one for the hipsters: Daddi-o. And if you want single cards, boxed cards or small everyday notes, Egg Press has the card you are looking for.

I love their invitations (they make me want to have a dinner party just to be able to send out the cards!) and I think I’ll send out their dog and cat face Christmas cards this year – I mean, why do the sheep and the snowmen get to have all of the fun?

There are a lot of card companies out there, but only one Egg Press. With these handmade cards, you know you’re getting something special as you’ll read on the sticker on the back:

“Each piece produced by Egg Press is printed by hand on antique letterpresses. Illustrations are engraved into magnesium plates. The cards are placed by hand into the press where the images are transferred by relief method, creating an impression you can see and feel.”

So you are not just giving someone a card. You are passing along a work of art.

Heartfelt, handmade art. Now that's a card you can feel good about.

Stephanie Dickison

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