Iron Free

Recently, my fella and I took a romantic sojourn to New York City.

I had packed mostly sweaters and long sleeve dresses, thinking that it would be cool, as that was the forecast the morning we left.

After landing and settling into our hotel, we set out on the streets to begin our journey. And boy was it hot.

By the second day I was wearing everything that was light. Only thing was, after traveling in our sweet little suitcase, everything had got quite smooshed. My lighter clothes looked like someone had sat on them on the plane instead of stowing them in the overhead.

I had brought my little travel size bottle of Wrinkle Spray for such an occasion and I am pleased to report that I was as smoothly dressed as any NYCer.

If you don’t believe me, check out the before and after pictures on their website. It’s pretty incredible.

All you have to do is “Spray, Shake, and Shape,” as per the bottles instructions and you’ll soon have wrinkle-free clothes without having to lug an iron across town (or in my case, the border) with you.

I am thrilled to have found this product. It is actually already packed away in our suitcase for our next venture.

So now I don’t worry about wrinkling a dress as I pack it. It will smooth itself out when I get to wear I’m going.

Traveling just got a whole lot easier.

Stephanie Dickison

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