Carolyn New York Rocks!

As you know, I’m a low maintenance gal, but I not-so-secretly admire beautiful girls that have glistening lips and nails. They always look ready to take anything on.

So when I tried Carolyn New York polish, I was expecting the usual drill – buff, undercoat, polish, top coat and then your nails would look good. That’s way too much maintenance for this girl, but I thought I’d give it a try nonetheless. I mean, I looove that glossy look!

But I was amazed by how shiny her polish is without any primping. I had the high gloss of high society girls without all of the work – where has Carolyn been all of my life?!

With one coat, I got a beautiful light sheen and with two, a perfect polish. I swear I look like I’ve been to the salon and in all honesty - I suuuck at any makeup and polish application. Carolyn’s polish is even Stephanie-proof!

My favourite colour is Pink Chixs, a lovely light ballerina tulle pink, but I know that my friend Victoria is going to want The Bronx, a bright pink and my friend Camille would look so good with Lincoln Centre, a cherry red that oozes sophistication!

Carolyn Cianciotto, "Manicurist to The Stars" shows her love for NYC with names like BrooklynBridge , 125th History and Cheating in Queens. I love that she has made nail polish fun and whimsical.

Carolyn says that her products are DBP-free and “a rich smooth formula for salon-perfect results.”

I have never been salon perfect. Ever.

Until now.

Thank you, Carolyn. You rock my world – and my nails!

Stephanie Dickison

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