Perfect Pout

As I have written about time and again, I have dry lips. Trying to keep them moisturized is always a battle, but recently I have found 2 lines that are sure to keep your lips looking pucker ready.

Eco Lips Inc. has created a line of lip balms and tints that are not only good for your lips but good for the environment as well.

They pledge 1% of their profits to environmentally focused organizations and have even created a solar powered lip balm project (check the website for details). They promote the organic lifestyle and use healing organic ingredients.

I love their slogan – “Don’t panic, it’s organic!” and the fact that they offer so many different varieties of balms to suit your needs. There is a vegan version that is “bee free,” and one made with organic hemp seed oil to keep your lips luscious. They have flavoured sticks – vanilla, mint and berry – and a gold version that makes you feel like a Dreamgirl. I also like their tints in Plush Red and Mocha Velvet.

And then there’s M.A.C. We all love it and can’t get enough of it and now there are new ultra rich, ultra moisturizing lipsticks in the most wonderful, flattering shades:

Red Haute - a beautiful coppery, orangey red that would be flattering on any skin tone

Giddy – a summery pink parfait that is the perfect accessory for any occasion

House Wine – it’s not as deep red as you’d think. And I’d barely call it red, in fact, lest it give you the wrong impression. It’s one of the few reds that I think I could handle

Arose – a deep, grapey magenta that is a nice change from shimmery light lips and pulls your look together in just one swipe.

My lips are feeling pretty luxurious these days thanks to Ecolips and M.A.C.

And they look great too.

I feel like a whole new gal.

Stephanie Dickison

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