Everything You Need for Summer

Although it is cold and rainy in the city today, we have had some overwhelmingly summer days.

In fact, while I was in New York, I got a bit of a sunburn on my shoulders, arms and neck.

But it is summer clothing that presents such a challenge:

- a t-shirt with a scoop neck that’s low and wide

- a racer back t-tank that every bra strap shows through

- wearing a white anything and trying to conceal your nipples and breasts

- and countless other clothing problems that you have probably been living with and has resigned yourself to believe that there is no solution!

Ta dah! I bring to you Hollywood Fashion Tape, the company that is the cure for all of your summer clothing ailments!

“The stars’ secret to a smooth appearance” is apparently due to Hollywood Cover Ups, a reusable nipple concealer so that you wear your tops with confidence and know that while men might be admiring your breasts, it won’t be because your nipples are straining against your shirt!

One of my favourite accessories is the brabuddy. This paperclip-like It allows you to keep the bras you currently have and wear them with racerback tops and dresses and anything that shows your regular bra strap.

Woo hoo! A solution finally for all of this season’s cutaway tops and scoop tees and tanks.

Hollywood Tag Tamers are covers for itchy and bothersome labels. And if you think this is a small thing, it isn’t. I once bought undies with a tag I couldn’t remove and I had a cut right there on my backside! And those shirts and sweaters that have you reaching around and scratching? Those pants that are highwaisted, but you’re wearing low-rose panties, so they’re killing you? These’ll fix you right up. I am never going to have tag discomfort again. Ever.

Clothes have become more complicated in that there are so many designs and cuts that it seems you need a different bra for every outfit. With Hollywood Clear Bra Straps however, you can still wear your favourite bra and replace the straps when wearing that sheer blouse or top that just doesn’t suit most bras and undergarments.

Nearly Nude is a line of incredibly smart garments that allow you to wear sheer clothing and not feel you are on display in the slightest.

They support and enhance while hiding any lumps or bumps. The line is made up of tanks, bandeaus, undies and a slip.

They are so soft and stretchy that you’ll want to wear them all day long. My extra low tank in nude is my new favourite summer top. It’s just too bad that I have to put it under my clothes…

This summer I will not be tugging, pulling, layering or fixing anything, thanks to Hollywood Fashion Tape items.

That means I’ll have more time for enjoying the warm sunshine, evening breezes and all those items of clothing that I have yet to wear because they showed off my bra straps.

It’s going to be a great summer!

Stephanie Dickison

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