Tetra Wines that Make the Cut

People often associate white wine with spring and summer. It's cold, refreshing and a nice change from cold drinks and beer.

A lovely, lively and environmentally sound choice is the Long Flat Chardonnay B-Pak.

Australian white wines are utterly sublime, especially when paired with chicken, seafood and fresh salads (often my preference in the warmer months), and this chardonnay does not disappoint.

There is a hint of oak here, thought only slightly discernable. There is a melon aroma and it has a lovely crisp finish.

And Italy's largest wine producer, Caviro, has introduced Vinissimo, stylish new red wines in Tetra Prisma packaging.

I love the Sangiovese, which is “produced on the hills in northern-central Italy on the border between Tuscany and Romagna.” A luscious red wine, it is incredibly fruity and flavourful and has a lovely smooth finish, with none of that cloying quality that can accompany some reds.

I served it with homemade beef ravioli last time and I’m having it alongside tonight’s dinner of lamb chops and swiss chard. I can’t wait.

These new tetra wines can be easily slipped into your tote for that concert in the park or can be put on the back of your bike without worry of it falling and breaking. It also doesn't take up as much room as a bottle, which for me, is always a problem as our fridge is always bursting with condiment bottles and jars, takeout containers and fresh produce awaiting transformation.

I know that wine snobs think tetras are beneath them, but for me, they are an economical and environmentally conscious choice.

And quite delicious, in my opinion.

(Both wines are available from the LCBO across Ontario)

Stephanie Dickison

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