It’s a Shoe-In!

Despite the flurries we're experiencing, there has been a preview of warmer weather to come.

There was a day a couple weeks back where we went out without our jackets on. I know - no jackets!

So it's put me put my in a spring frame of mind. I reorganized our closets and cleaned the house from top to bottom. But it's all I can do to keep from putting on my strappy sandals, even though it is usually a bittersweet moment.

See, there is nothing that I love more than the ease of dressing in the warm weather - throw on a flouncy dress and metallic high heels and you're ready for anything - in a mere 3 minutes.

But after only 5 minutes of walking, my feet are a mess - blisters, blood. It's really gross.

So this year I though I would do something to change that. I found Foot Petals, a dream product that protects your feet no matter what shoes you are wearing.

There are cushiony pads that protect your heels, toes and give you extra comfort and support even in an open toe shoe. So with my Tip Toes, Heavenly Heelz and Killer Kushionz, I feel ready to take on anything. For my strappy sandals, I’ll use their Strappy Strips and alight with my feet feeling free of hurt and looking good – for once.

Foot Petals also offer everything for the shoe lover – The Shoe Box Label Kit, The Stiletto Survival Kit (my personal fav) and really nice Travel Slippers that are soft full grain leather topped with a black ribbon bow.

But for the ultimate in comfort, it’s the Spalux Slippers made from soft chenille with rubber soles. They are so soft that you actually “ooh” when putting them on. And although slippers are often a lackluster, no-thought-given gift, these are about to change all that.

I’m making up my Christmas list right now… Heather, Jen, Jonah, Ava...

Stephanie Dickison

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