Crinkly No More

The fine wrinkles and creases are starting to appear, as is the cellulite.

Yep, I’m falling apart.

Well, not really, but this aging thing is a real pain. There’s all this maintenance that I didn’t have before. Smoothing massages, creams and the like. Truthfully, It’s all a little much for me, but at the same time, I want to look young while I can.

So, I give in to the creams and treatments, but I have yet to see anything really work.

Except that I just found this new anti-cellulite cream and scrub that is in-cred-i-ble!

Kneipp is a company in Germany that has created a line of products that really enhance your skin.

Their Anti-Cellulite Grape Seed Oil Intensive Cream and Scrub have totally changed my skin’s feel and appearance.

I use the Kneipp Grape Seed Oil Exfoliating Body Scrub in the shower and the silky cream that has the tiniest little bits, so different from my apricot facial scrub which is mostly grain. It is so silky that I find myself looking forward to it the entire time I’m washing my hair.

Then I dry off and apply the Intensive Cream and for the first time in my life, my skin is actually supple. I have okay skin, but nothing to melt over, not like movie star skin or anything. Except that now I swear I’ve got the skin of someone who’s been preened and pampered. And all it took was a little rub down after my shower!

With Grape Seed Oil (and its skin smoothing properties), sandalwood fruit, and avocado and jojoba oils, the cream is bursting with ingredients to help your skin to feel and look it’s best.

They are colour and preservative free and dermatologist tested. They list the ingredients on the box, so you can see for yourself what’s in it.

I can’t say whether it is working on my cellulite. To me, it looks like it is. But I’m no scientist.

However, I am an expert on my body and I’d say that I look a heckuva better.

And I never knew that your skin could feel so good. It feels nourished and hydrated for the very first time. And oh-so-supple. My fella is away on business so I don’t have a second opinion for you yet, but my first one is that I am now a lifelong customer.

p.s. I also used their Orange & Linden Blossom Classic Herbal Body Wash and not only does it smell good, but it too feels amazing. And it turns out that it is a good solution for jangled nerves. That’s a keeper too, let me tell you. Maybe I should just order one of everything…

Stephanie Dickison

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