Rhubarb Never Tasted So Good

I have always been fascinated by soda.

When I went to the States with my folks for vacation, I would rush into the nearest 7-11 and scan the shelves for new chips and pop. The States were always a couple of years ahead of us, so seeing Black Cherry Coca-Cola and Honey Mustard chips was such a thrill.

Through the years, being enamoured by food, it is has always been difficult to find drinks that stand out of the crowd.

But recently I found a company that has created a line of 4 incredible drinks that have just become a permanent part of my pantry.

They were deigned by Sharelle Klaus, a woman who was desperate to find something to drink that was natural and caffeine-free while pregnant.

Her company, Dry Soda, has created lightly flavoured sodas in what I think are really inventive and exciting flavours that are inspired by the culinary world – Lavender, Lemongrass, Rhubarb and Kumquat.

They are surprisingly accurate without being overpowering. A subtle flavour that’s just slightly more than a hint (what I am calling “just perfect”). And being barely sweet (but not at all salty like soda water), it is perfect for having with lunch or dinner.

I grew up with rhubarb in the backyard and I am shocked by my first sip. It was like Sharelle took fresh rhubarb and pressed it into the bottle. And also surprising was how much I liked it – So refreshing! Like summer in a bottle!

The kumquat and lemongrass were just as refreshing and thrilling. The lavender is a more delicate flavour, but instantly I am enamoured and picturing it paired with chocolates and meringues, and am reminded of my mother’s drawers lined with lavender-scented paper.

With the ingredients being only purified carbonated water, cane sugar, natural flavour and phosphoric acid, and a clear, it is a good, natural choice (sweetened with a small amount of pure cane sugar and only 50-70 calories per 12 0z. bottle). And the clear, streamlined bottle is just damned pretty.

I have been looking for something fun (and non-alcoholic) to drink for a long time. I have finally found it in Dry Soda.

Hey, I like it so much I might even cook with it (I’m thinking the lemongrass with shrimp and lentils with rhubarb. Mmm).

In the meantime, one more sip…

Stephanie Dickison

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