Muzing Over Excellent Tea

I strive every day to improve the way I take care of myself.

I have arranged my desk so that I have more space to work. I make myself have something for breakfast, though I am not usually the least bit hungry upon waking. And pretty much every day, I drink a cup of green tea for its tremendous health benefits.

Over the years, I have gone from the 99 cent box from Chinatown to trying blends mixed with actual rose petals and switching to roasted green tea for awhile.

But I have recently found muzi Matcha, a superior brand that is “the oldest variety of shade grown Japanese green tea ground into a fine powder, and has been a part of the Zen Buddhist culture for over 800 years."

That’s quite a testimonial. I mean, how can you beat that?

This authentic tea is a real treat to make. It is suggested that you prepare it with a bamboo whisk (muzi sells these, whisk holders and many other accessories at their website) and you won’t believe how green the powder it is – it is fresh, dewy grass, Kermit the Frog, moss-on-lake-rocks green. You can see the power of the powder even before having a sip (muzi’s powder teas offer ten times the nutrients of regular steeped teas).

And that first sip is divine. Earth, water, body and spirit become simultaneously intermingled and you are transported to earlier centuries, where one took time and grace with their cup of tea.

It tastes so good, so pure.

Savouring each sip to follow, I feel the ingredients going to work on my body, feeling energized and powerful, yet completely at peace. I close my eyes and inhale the aroma. I allow for a few deep breaths and focus on the task at hand.

Although I will not always be so zen about my tea time, having this Matcha does make me pause and think about letting go of the daily stresses and just allowing the moment to be enjoyed.

That to me, is the perfect cuppa.

Stephanie Dickison

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