Eat Chocolate, Save the World

One bite at a time. No, really.

Working with Chimp Haven, The Ocean Conservancy, Nigerian Sponsorship, SEE Turtles, The International Coastal Cleanup and The Florida Wildlife Program, to name just a few, you’d think I was writing about an environmental group.

And I am. But I’m also talking about Endangered Species, the people who make the most delicious chocolate.

Chocolate that you can not only feel good about buying, but you will want to support them as much as you can, because they ethically trade their products, use all natural ingredients, offer organic bars and donate 10% of net profits donated to “help support species, habitat and humanity.”

The list of good that they do is too long for me to mention here. Please check out their website to see how you can help.

As you must know by now, having a little dark chocolate every once in a while is good for you – antioxidants, helps reduce “bad” cholesterol, etc – and so I shared with my friends and neighbours little squares of heaven from my Hoppy Treats Fun Pack (24 bite size all-natural dark chocolate).

Over and over, people told me how good the chocolate was, how they’d not had chocolate like this before. And there are some serious sweettooths among the group. They know whereof they speak.

We then moved onto the 3 oz. All-Natural Chocolate Bars that contain ethically traded cocoa and all-natural ingredients, and each bar comes with educational information about the plight of the animal or habitat represented on the wrappers. We savoured the Elephant (milk chocolate with peanut brittle), Black Panther (extreme dark chocolate – 88% cocoa) and Panda (dark chocolate marbled with white chocolate).

Onto the organic bars, we fell for the Butterfly (dark chocolate – 70% cocoa) and the Snow Leopard (milk chocolate with mocha).

We loved all the animals the same and pledged to always cherish them.

Eco-Rounds were fun and flavourful. Caramelized Cocoa Nibs are a blend of milk and dark chocolate that give a crunchy finish and have 3 rounds per pack – perfect for sharing either while watching or movie or having a friend over for coffee.

I am trying to be more conscious of supporting causes I believe, making sure the money I spend is going to something good.I can do that with Endangered Species and enjoy amazing chocolate.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Stephanie Dickison

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