I See The Light!

Usually, I loathe things like booklights.

They seem like a good idea, especially for someone like me, who always has 6 or 7 books to review a month, along with my own titles for reading before bed.

But they usually suck or you end up using them for 2 days and then it gets mislaid to the bottom of the bedside table, only to be seen again when mopping the hardwood before company arrives or when the cat bats it around, pulling along with it enough fur to make another cat.


But all that's changed since I found FLEX. Made by those awesome folks at FRED, they have come up with a multitasking booklight that I can actually use.

The booklight is essentially a bookmark with a light attached. What differentiates it, though, from the rest are a couple of things:

- it is a bookmark
- the image on the bookmark is a cool old pulp cover (I got my Dad one with a scared blonde and a pistol - very Sam Spade, mine is a brunette in a man's embrace - very hot)
- you can stand it anywhere, thanks to its flexible legs, so I can use it at my desk when I need a little extra light
- you can also clip it to the top corner of your laptop (I love this idea as I often work in the dark early morning as my fella sleeps)

I have seen a lot of booklights in my day, but never one as inventive as this.

You can get them at Indigo Books, and if I see them anywhere else, I'll let you know.

Stephanie Dickison

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