Cup O' Soup Never Tasted So Good

It’s getting cooler and nothing hits the spot like a cup of soup.

But the options for instant soups are limited – can of Campbell’s, Styrofoam bowl of Mister Noodles or Thai Kitchen Instant Noodle Soup?

Or, at least they were. In Bloor West Village you can find these Polish instant soups by Winiary called 5 Minut Stop. They are just like the small little Knorr envelopes of cup of soup that we all known and love, but frankly, got bored of back in our teens.

Although the packaging is in Polish, the ingredients are laid out in easy-to-follow illustrated steps:

1. Pour soup mix into cup.

2. Pour 200 ml of hot water into cup.

3. Let sit for one minute (it should, therefore, be called 1 Minut Stop)

Now, it is not just convenience that we are after. It is taste. And these are by far the best tasting packaged soups I have ever had.

As for the flavours, you might not know them by their Polish names, but you can tell what they are by the colour photographs on the front of the package.

My personal favourite is Ogorkowa, which is lemon dill and I swear, by the first sip, you will be convinced that it is fresh dill and lemon that you are experiencing.

There are cream of onion (Zupa Cebulowa) and chicken (Krem z Kury), which are not creamy or heavy in the least. There are also tomato and chicken noodles, for those of you wanting a more traditional cup o’ soup. And don’t forget white and red borscht! These soups even have delicate croutons that somehow never get soggy and remain crunchy throughout the entire cup.

And if you want more than just a smidge for lunch or a snack, big packages (serving for 2) are available as well. My personal favourite? Zupa Brokutowa – cream of broccoli – delicate and devine.

And get ready – they are only 49 -65 cents a package, depending upon where you shop! So never listen when someone says there is no free lunch. This is pretty damn close.

Stephanie Dickison

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