Carving Out Your Niche

Everyone I know wants to be some sort of artist. Either spend days lolling under trees writing poetry, confronting the canvas or designing award-winning websites.

We all get tired of our regular routines (even if we’re doing seemingly creative things) and want to embrace the romantic notion of being an artist – at least a little.

So to satiate that craving (that seems to come on full force as soon as soon as the long dark days arrive), I have found a little somethin’ somethin’ to do to placate the beast within.

Images of Canada offers a stone carving kit that has everything you need so you can just get to creating – A 5” x 3” soapstone, 9-piece filing set, sanding block and papers and dust mask. It comes in a canvas tote bag and even includes an instruction sheet.

So now that you have the supplies at the ready, all you have to wait for is… inspiration.

Stephanie Dickison

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