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No doubt you are spending a bazillion dollars on makeup.

But it turns out you don't have to. Inexpensive cosmetics no longer mean they're not as swoon-worthy as your luxe picks.

At least when it comes to Wet n Wild.

This addictive makeup isn't just affordable either. It's also transformative. long-lasting, cruelty-free, and can be shopped for online (and thanks to the recent launch here in Canada, in our home and native land) as well as conveniently picked up as you shop for other stuff at your local grocery store, pharmacy, and big box retailers. 

The #1 value brand in America just launched a ton of exciting new products.  Check out what I can't get enough of:


No, that's waaaay too light, I say out loud. I may be pale, but I'm no ghost.

But it turns out that this whiter shade of pale (361C Shell Ivory), the second lightest in the lineup, is indeed the perfect hue. And don't worry, you'll be able to find yours too - there are 20 shades in the collection, created for all types of skin tones.

The first thing I notice? The spatula applicator. Not only does this make applying the product easy (no messy fingers!), but when you're getting down to the bottom dredges of the bottle and you're already missing this essential, you can scrape away, getting in a few more nights with your new fave accessory.

Secondly, the formula itself.

It's unscented, though I detected a slight paint scent, but don't worry - it only lasts a few seconds, and you'll be so distracted by its utter weightlessness, yet it's ability to provide medium to full coverage.

At first I thought I didn't apply I enough (I'm minimalist even when it comes to my makeup) because it appeared to be the "before" shot still - bare skin, nothing to see here, keep moving. 

But then a moment later I saw it. Almost imperceptible, the makeup blends away your shadows, unevenness and whatever else you can't wait to get rid of and revolutionizes your face, making it seem ethereal and otherworldly, yet still shockingly natural. And completely and utterly flawless.

Free of oil, parabens and sulfates, this knockout foundation, however, isn't satisfied lounging around, resting on its laurels. Oh no, it works to deliver your best selfie face ever. See, it was made with a matte, light-diffusing complex, so #filters are no longer required. Tested under seven light conditions with and without flash (including outside at night, bathroom and nightclub lights), using the latest new phones, you are guaranteed to look on fire with "no flashback" (that annoying white tint that makes your image uneven) no matter where you are.

Your other makeup may cover your unevenness, but nothing is working harder to make your skin a 10/10, whatever the backdrop.

And just to ensure everything is absolute perfection? There's twinning Photo Focus Concealer.


**Other must-haves to add to your cart: MegaGlo Dual-Ended Contour StickLimited Edition MegaGlo Highlighting PowderMegaGlo Makeup Stick - Highlight, and Colour Icon Ombré Blush.


- Au Naturel Palette

Nudes are still white-hot this season, and this selection is one of the best I've tried. You get 10 neutral shades that are anything but a bore, so go subtle or full-on sexy smoke. And the range of textures - matte, satin, sparkle and shimmer - allows you to customize your look even further.

They go on soft and silky smooth and last as long as... how much time have you got? 

With other nudes, they drift into the background, often giving you a "makeunder" look, despite how much product you applied and how long it freakin' took you. Sheesh. If I wanted to look like I wasn't wearing any makeup, I WOULDN"T HAVE WORN ANY MAKEUP. 

Wet n Wild's jet-milled base, silicone technology, and pearl density creates a pigment that's strong enough to stand up to even the palest of complexions like mine.

And because even with rose golds, coppers and cocoas you need a deft hand, turn your palette over for a fantastic illustrated guide to create four signature looks - naked eye, smoke out, matte about you, and wild cat.

You got this.
This might just be the best mascara I've ever used. And it's less than $10!

The formula is never gloopy and not too wet either (it's practically impossible to find one without the other) and it goes on light enough that your fringe gets thickened and elongated in the most natural way with just one quick coat. Want more drama? Another swipe or two ought to do it.

And that little spiked ball at the end? It captures every last eyelash, even those teeny ones in the corner. And still no clumps. 

I have wonky lashes - long, straight and kind of clumped together, so usually I get a ready-to-hit-the-Broadway-stage effect that's startling and never natural, no matter how good and how little mascara I apply.

This stunner however, gives me the long, full lashes I want without lumps, clumps or too much drama. And no smudges either.

Thank god this is now available in Canada, because I would have married this one to keep him in the country.

p.s. It comes off like a dream. Panda eyes? What's that?


- Perfect Pout Gel Lip Balm

Not all balms are created equal.

Here's the thing:  If they do boast a tiny bit of colour, it's almost always too little too late. You swipe on what appears to be a vibrant coral, only to realize that it's so sheer, no one but you would ever know it was "Sunset Pink."

That's why you'll probably never see me without my Perfect Pout Gel Lip Balm in hand.

Bright juicy tones add vivid yet still sheer colour to your pout, while drenching them in moisture (aloha Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and proprietary Phytosterol complex), so no need for balm AND lipstick anymore. This sweet little number takes care of it single-handily. Like a freakin' superhero.

And the gel formula not only goes on smooth, you get a glossy finish that you'd swear would only be possible with actual gloss.

Like a leather jacket over a tee or black heels paired with rolled up jeans, it's the finishing polish your look needed - without being all fancypants about it either.

** Psst, you're gonna need these too: MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick and Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner.


- MegaLast The Saving Base Fortifying Base Coat

I should have switched over to inky polishes and minty tints weeks ago,  but week after week, I couldn't stop myself from rocking this lustrous  beauty.

A slick coat goes on super smooth thanks to an innovative wide brush that does practically an entire nail at once.

The high gloss shine and pretty ballet pink colour give nails a healthy glow when delivering protection and healing 10 ways 'til Sunday. That's right, your nails get the full treatment: it brightens, strengthens, conceals, moisturizes, protects, fills ridges, smoothes, primes, perfects and even goes the distance to improve the wear of your nail colour - though I am partial to wearing it on it's own.

It gives me the look of visiting the salon on the days when I'm actually working away to deadline.

I can't get enough.

**Also to be added to your shopping list: 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color with its wide brush and enchanting new  shades Taupe As A Joke, Peach For The Stars, and Lilac A Virgin. Oh, and the shiny, glossy colour lasts TWO WEEKS with just one application. The company that was the first to introduce black nail polish into drugstores continues to slay in ALL directions.

I'm always on the search for a great makeup remover for two reasons:

1. I 'm adamant about never going to bed with makeup so I use it up quicker than most.
2.  Sometimes I appreciate the ones that offer a little skin boost along with cleansing, but other times I just want a squeaky clean mug before heading to bed.

Micellar complexes are so sought-after because they erase all that dirt, grime  - and even your beloved waterproof - while leaving your skin feeling soothed and pampered with a soft, fresh scent.

This pink beauty does all that with one right swipe, with a pretty petal pump top that delivers just the right amount. The travel-size bottle comes with a lock top, so it's good to go anywhere you're heading, even if it's just across town.


The items above represent just a small portion of Wet n Wild's staggering products, so be sure to check out the entire line (seriously, you don't want to miss out on items such as the limited edition Spring Season in a Box).

So whether you want stock up  in-store at at Walmart, Rexall and Loblaws (find a store near you) or online, you need Wet n Wild in your life.

Finally - an addiction you can afford. Shop Wet n Wild now.

Stephanie Dickison

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