Lierac Paris Luminescence Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector - Let There Be Light

Everything seems to get a dullish, grey tinge at this time of year. As the weather cools, the windows appear to be dirtier, the sky muddies and your skin starts to dry and look ruddy.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though - in the form of Lierac Paris Luminescence Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector.

The great folks at Lierac studied how light works on your skin. Skin luminosity is the result of 2 factors - the light reflected (5%) off the surface of your skin and the deep light (95%) that penetrates the skin and is diffused back. They figured out that things like age, UV exposure and lifestyle habits (poor eating, sleep, etc.) reduce your skin's luminosity and the appearance of things like brown spots, redness, wrinkles and surface irregularities.

In formulating Luminescence Illuminating Serum, Lierac figured out how to get the light not just on the surface, but deep down, so you get not only luminescence, but a look of being lit from within.

All you do is add the iridescent milky serum to your skin - even mixed in with your foundation if you like. The serum has a wonderful scent - wild rose, jasmine and sweet amber - but more importantly, you'll see how you have this natural glow that doesn't look manufactured like some of the illuminating powders and makeup on the market.

Just watch how people react differently to you when you've been using Luminescence - they'll ask you if you've lost weight or if you're seeing someone new. There's definitely something different about you, they'll say. Yes, yes there is. Your skin's texture will look and feel smoother, less red, less pigmented and oh-so-much brighter.

My skin is radiant, glowing and youthful. Isn't that all you've ever wanted?

Buy the incredible Lierac Paris Luminescence Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector now. It's a game changer.

Stephanie Dickison

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