's Mekong Blue Hand-Woven Scarves are Simply Extraordinary

One of my new favourite discoveries of 2012 is

This incredibly moving organization helps women in the embattled Stung Treng region of Cambodia move away from poverty.

I have profiled their gorgeous Silk Ties and Pocket Squares and their impeccable Jewelry & Jewelry Rolls, which all make fantastic presents. Imagine giving a gift that gives so much to others. What a feeling.

So I am thrilled and quite honoured to be able to introduce you to their stunning handcrafted Mekong Blue Silk Scarves.

The women of Stung TrengWomen’s Development Center painstakingly work on each scarf by hand. Just look at how much goes into each scarf:

"The women of SWDC spin raw silk into thread and dye it in an array of rich, vibrant colors. Looms are set up to create the various patterns of silk cloth. It is at this point that craft becomes art. Depending on the complexity of a pattern, setting up a single loom can take more than a week. Once a loom is ready, weaving begins. Weaving a scarf typically takes another one or two weeks. Larger or more complex items may take more than a month to weave. The work requires attention to detail and a sophisticated appreciation for color and design. The end result is a stunning work of art that reflects the skill, care and artistry of its creator."

So as you can imagine, the detailing of these scarves is far superior than those you find at those carts in the mall. And the colours. They are so rich, with that shimmer that only comes with fine silk and craftmanship, so depending on the lighting, the shade can switch from very light to dark in a matter of moments. Or footsteps!

I wish you could see Scarlet (pictured above) in person. This gorgeous red is much deeper than it appears in the photo above. It's also one of the most flattering reds I've ever seen. Not too primary or fire engine-y. In fact, it's perfect.

If you prefer something a little more subdued, Winter White is a lovely way to brighten up your dark wardrobe at this time of year. And come springtime, it will fit right in with your pale palette as well.

I can't help but have fallen for Classic Grey, which has a hint of purple hue to it, depending on the light. It flatters my pale skin, blonde hair and green eyes almost better than anything in my closet. I never want to take it off.

These luxurious accessories can be worn with everything from an evening gown to a tee and jeans. You can even use it as a throw or decorative accent on the couch, bed, over a chair, etc. And because they are available in so many gorgeous colours, there really is something for everyone.

Mekong Blue Silk Scarves are one of my top picks for "Best Present to Give or Receive" for 2012. Get yours now. In fact, get a bunch.

Stephanie Dickison

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