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At the beginning of the month, I introduced you to the amazing

Now I want to show you their beautiful jewelry and accessories.

Flame Teardrop Earrings add a hit of colour to any outfit and are unlike any of your current pairs. See, these cut and polished shell pendant earrings have an iridescence to them, much like mother of pearl, so they shimmer and shine when they catch the light! And of course the fact they are handmade out of fair-trade products and that you are supporting a community who need your help makes them all the more special. And just look at the price - it's unbelievably modest! You could afford to outfit yourself and get gifts for friends without denting your paycheck. How amazing is that?

Another majestic find from BlueSilk are their Mekong Blue Jewelry Rolls (pictured above). 

One thing you should know is that as beautiful as they look in the picture, they are much more arresting in person. The fine silk texture and colours that move with the light are so gorgeous, that you'll wonder how such beautiful items can be made for such affordable prices.

The other thing you should know is that often we think of jewelry rolls as something you use while on vacation. But really, why aren't you enjoying this at home? Keeping your jewelry organized and protected with this luscious padded pouch is something that you should be indulging in everyday and not just when you're traveling! And who says you have to use it for just jewelry? It works as a wallet, glasses holder or cosmetics case as well.

Two zip pockets. one large pouch and a button-fastened fabric band for rings, bracelets (or keys should you use it as a wallet) means that though it looks delicate, it can store and hold a lot.

I love the contrast of colours. Mine has an indigo paired with citron and lime, but you should know that no two rolls are alike:

"Each includes a unique combination of fabric colors and patterns. Fabrics may be solid or have stripes. Stripes may be broad or narrow. Some fabrics include a woven pattern. Unfortunately, because of this, it is impossible for us to provide you with a way of selecting a particular color combination, so you'll have to let us surprise you. If you have a color preference, please specify it in the Gift Message field of our checkout page, and we will do our best to meet your request. You can also use our Contact Us form to request information about the colors and styles we currently have in stock."

What a wonderful gift. For you and the women and families of Cambodia.

p.s. Next, I'll be telling you all about BlueSilk's rapturous scarves, so stay tuned!

Stephanie Dickison

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