More From Kat Burki's Tete a Tete Collection

Before the Christmas holidays, I introduced you to Kat Burki's amazing Lilac & Rosemary Lotion. Now there are 2 other scents you've got to try.

Again from Kat's wonderful Tete a Tete Collection, these fragrant body products are a luxurious way to keep winter skin at bay:

- Lush body lotions are a necessity at this time of year, so envelop yourself in Kat Burki's Patchouli & Moss Body Lotion. This warm and sexy scent conjures up images of snuggling in front of the fireplace under a blanket and walking hand and hand through the just fallen, sparkling snow. It's downright perfect for the season.

- If you prefer something lighter and more refreshing on your skin, Kat's Body Gelees are for you. Tahitian Vanilla & Orange Blossom is just slightly sweet with a wonderfully clean finish. And it sinks in right away, so your skin is quenched upon impact. Ahh, just what you need right now to nourish and moisturize your body.

It's easy to see why I heart Kat Burki's Tete a Tete Collection. Shop now and get in on some of that lovin' too.

Stephanie Dickison

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