Indulge This Holiday with Kat Burki's Incredible Lilac & Rosemary Body Lotion

One of the things I love most about the holidays is that for a few short hours, the world seems very quiet - folks are all cozied up at home, there is little street noise except for the occasional car or group of people heading out to celebrate. Even email slows to an almost stop. Which means that I get a short window in which to pamper myself.

The way I like to do that is take long showers and have a little spa treatment at home. It's such a luxury to linger and use luxurious products instead of my usual daily 5 minute shower, throw on an outfit of varying success and rush out the door to meetings and events or spend the day scrunched over my laptop to madly meet deadlines.
Kat Burki's Lilac & Rosemary Body Lotion from her NEW Tete a Tete Collection is one of those bath and body products that once you try, you are dedicated to it for the rest of your days. Using natural and organic ingredients, this exotic blend of ingredients - lilac, rosemary, rain showers, coconut milk and honey - smells incredible (if you catch me nose to skin, you'll understand why), like a Hawaiian vacation (I've never had one, but this is what sheer luxury smells like)! 

But it's got looks too, which makes it a fantastic holiday gift. The white and gold foil box means no wrapped required and the square pump dispenser with gold collar and gold foil writing looks good whether it's on the bathroom countertop or on your bedside table.

And in case you think it's just a pretty face, it hydrates and nourishes too. My skin is soft, supple and yes, incredibly scented. 

Shop the entire Kat Burki's Tete a Tete Body Lotion Collection and give gifts this season that people will actually use and love.

Stephanie Dickison

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