In Need of a New Stylish Scent? Let JACOB Dress You Up!

I have been wearing JACOB clothing since I was a teen and as I write this, I'm rockin' Runway Diva from their new Nail Collection.

So when I got news that JACOB created  three signature fragrances, "designed exclusively for Canadian women," I knew I had to try them out. And on.

First of all, I adore that they're whisper light so you're enveloped in the scent, but the people around you won't be. You want to intrigue your companions, not douse them in perfume, right? 

Secondly, I love that each scent is distinct:

- Like a good wine, Classique goes with everything, so you'll be tempted to wear it every day of the week. Feminine and tingly, this melange of pink pepper, citrus, peony petals, wisteria blossoms, amber and white cedar is pretty and alluring without ever being too much or too complicated.

- Joie De Vivre is the sweetest of the bunch, thanks to passionfruit and pineapple, but white freesia, sensual wood and musk keep it from being cloying or tween.

- Surprisingly, the island vibe from Very Chic captivates me every time. I'm not normally drawn to fragrances that feature vanilla prominently, but that deep amethyst plum, black amber and sensual woods give it an undoubtedly sexy vibe (picture skinny dipping at shore's edge at midnight). A light touch of tangerine, mango and blossoms keep it from being too dark or heavy.

Whether you're shopping at one of JACOB's retail locations or online, these new fragrances will be the best addition to your wardrobe this season.

Stephanie Dickison

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