Let Your Cat Take Over the World with Cats Attack from Luckies!

Last month, I told you all about one of my new favourite places to shop - Luckies of London. They have the best stuff for us humans, but they also happen to have lovely things for our pets

Our Cosmo is an indoor cat so he doesn't have the luxury of being able to sharpen his claws on trees like many of his friends. So we always have a scratching post on the go for him (that, and the hallway carpet) so that he'll remain happy and healthy.

But never have I seen a better scratching post than Luckies Cats Attack!

This awesome multi-coloured cityscape could be your very own downtown that he is taking over like a little Godzilla!

I love that our fella looks giant compared to the buildings and that he has so many surfaces in which to go crazy. Our regular post just has the one.

It is super easy to pop together - it takes just a few seconds - and there is even a cut-out helicopter that you can hang from one of the buildings to really give it the affect that cat armageddon has taken place!

Tough and durable, it will survive kitty attacks over and over again and you can switch the buildings around (it comes in 5 pieces - 3 buildings and 2 bottom parts that fit together to form the base) when one side gets demolished.

I love that we've been able to give Cosmo his own cityscape. Now if we could only get him to take the subway...

Get Cats Attack Cat Scartching Post for all the cats in your 'hood. You, your cat and your furniture will be happy

Stephanie Dickison

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