Luckies of London Limited Has the Most Fun & Unique Affordable Gifts!

Oh boy. I've got a ton of birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings in the next couple of months and I was starting to panic - how am I going to shop for all of these people and occasions? There's not enough time and I don't have a lot of money and ...

It's so easy to get stressed out about this kind of thing because it really does take a lot of time to find just the right thing for each individual if you have to hunt around different stores and rack your brain trying to remember something they need or want or like. 

But there is no need to worry anymore because I've found the most amazing one-stop-shop there is - Luckies of London Limited run by the lovely Jim. And it's all online, so you can shop in the comfort of your own home at whatever time is convenient for you. And boy, are you going to be blown away by the selection!

Check out the extraordinary, affordable finds I got for the folks on my gift-giving list:

Just like it's big brother, the Undercover Laptop Sleeve, this awesome little padded envelope is actually made of a strong tyvek material,  lined and secures tightly with velcro. So while it looks just like a beat up piece of paper, it's splashproof, tearproof and  a lot heartier than that plastic thing you've been using to carry your phone/camera/etc. in. But be careful - it's so authentic looking that you might just want to pop your phone in the mail!

Anyone can make a sandwich, but mine is going to be the only one with cool looking one, thanks to these playful sandwich cutters. I want to get the whole lot - Pig & Hen (I have the Cow). And I'm not going to just limit myself to sandwiches with this l'il beaut. Oh no, I'm going to make cow-shaped cookies, cow-shaped polenta and cow-shaped  burgers (or is that too cruel?) for my next dinner parties, to name just a few. And while I'm keeping this guy (I'm calling him Len for some reason), I'm going to get a bunch for my food-loving friends. It's not only great fun, it's something they'll really use too.

Speaking of animals, I love Morris. Not only does he hold your memo notes for you, he'll hold it in his mouth for you so you won't forget your shopping list or reminder to pick up the dry cleaning.  There is something so sweet about this burrow. He never asks anything of you - just that you make him feel useful. Now that's unconditional love! He comes in Red, White and Charcoal.

This is the ultimate gift for the music lover or musician on your list! Like the old 3-hole punch from high school, the Pickmaster (pictured above) punches out not holes, but a lifetime of personalized guitar picks out of anything flat - cardboard, plastic, etc. You can recycle materials and rock your way up the Stairway to Heaven! This gorgeous sturdy, chromed metal punch is something that the axe player in your life will genuinely appreciate. Rock on!

It's as tall as I am, which means there's a lot to get through, but I'm up for the challenge. Are you? This list of to dos isn't a chores list by any means. It's more of a life list and the whole family can get involved. There are easy tasks such as "make and flip a pancake" and harder challenges like "learn the capitol cities of Europe." It comes with stickers so you can mark your achievements and there are a few blank spots for you to write in your own to dos. It's much easier to tackle your goals and dreams when they're right there facing you every day. This is a fantastic gift for anyone of any age.

The best part of all this? These are just a small few of the outrageously great products  Luckies has to offer. Shop their whole collection now and get the best gifts EVER!

Stephanie Dickison

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