Rock the Printed Look with Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos

Textured, printed nail wraps are all the rage. Who wants plain polish when you can get the look of stripes, flowers or luxe logos at your fingertips?
Violent Lips is a similar concept, except this time the look is going right where it counts - your lips.

These awesome temporary lip tattoos give your look an edge and feel that you can't get otherwise. Your fashion rating goes up ten notches as does your cool factor.

And they are easy to apply:

1, Pick the pattern you want (I test-drove The Lite Pink & White Stripes, The Red Fishnet and The Pink Tiger, pictured above).
2. Pop the precut lips out of the application sheet and measure the length to both corners of your mouth while forming the word "Ahh."
3. Remove the transparent covering, place and shape on your lips.
4. Add water the the back, then to your lips after removing the back.
5. Let dry for 5 minutes.

It's the same method as those temporary tattoos you'd wear out dancing in the 90s (or was that just me?). Easy to put on and they should stay put for 4-8 hours. They're really thin, so you won't feel like you're wearing much more than you're usually lipstick.

I love the way I suddenly went from regular girl to someone to notice. And with prices this easy on the pocketbook, you can afford to get a number of prints. Enough to get your through the rest of the summer's parties and get togethers anyway.

Shop the entire Violent Lips collection now and look like you just got off the runway.

Stephanie Dickison

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