Why You Should Make the Switch to IQ Cleaners

Not all "natural" and "eco-friendly" cleaners work.

Sometimes they leave behind streaks and essential oil smudges.So it's important to find one that actually cleans well enough that you don't feel like you have to clean afterwards. Been there, done that.

Scent is also very important to me. I want something that smells "clean" but not astringent.There's nothing better than walking into the house and inhaling a big ol' whiff of "this house has been taken care of."

That's why I'm think iQ Cleaners are a smart choice:

- The wicked design  of an empty bottle with a cartridge. You pop in the cartridge and add water. Better for the environment (80% less waste) and a lot easier to carry home.
- They do what they say they do: clean.
- Non-toxic ingredients means that I can feel good about using them at home. After all, our Cosmo has been known to lick the floor on occasion.
- You can finally afford cleaners again. Thanks to iQ, they've created an inexpensive options for those of us who don't want to have to choose between buying a cleaner or pair of shoes...
- The scents are wonderful - flowery, but not sweet, and yes, clean-smelling. Woo woo!

I tried 3 of the 4 cleaners and was thrilled with them all. The All-Purpose Cleaner goes to work in my office and the kitchen without any elbow grease required. I clean our bathroom a lot, so it's nice to know that iQ Bathroom Cleaner is always up to the task. It makes it smell amazing too, which I really appreciate. And with mirrored doors everywhere, you wouldn't believe how much Glass Cleaner I go through. This is one I can actually afford. 

When's the last time you were "thrilled" with your cleaners? That's what I thought.

So get yourself iQ Cleaners and have a clean, safe home that smells wonderful without having to break the bank. It really is that easy.

Stephanie Dickison

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