IdeaStream Has Everything I Need to Get Organized

Being organized gives me a great sense of calm and peace. If I'm organized, I can then focus on the task at hand. I have everything at my disposal and I don't have to waste time hunting around for anything.

And while 70% of the time, my desk is an oasis of order, the rest of the time, it looks like my desk went on a 24-hour bender. So I am always on the hunt for fun, innovative products that will help me stay on course. 

I found amazing, affordable stuff at IdeaStream Products! They create items that I am always searching out, but can never find in regular office supply stores, or as they say it best, "ground-breaking products that change the way people think, live and work."

One of the best organizational tools are index cards. They allow you to do anything from create lists to plot out an entire book. But how to store them? The Vaultz Acrylic Index Card Box - 3x5 (I got White) is a sturdy, secure place for your pictures, recipes or valuable notes. It holds 350 index cards, so you can save desktop space by storing them all in this one great looking container, complete with steel corners and aluminum reinforcement.  And if you decide to use it to stash money, passport and other valuables, you can lock it up, safe and sound. I bet your wooden recipe box from the '60s can't do all that!

Another great find is the 5 x 8 Locking Storage Clipboard. This mini clipboard has so many superb features - the storage is huge and includes a net pocket, pen loop and elastic to hold back of notepad or anything else; there's an optional shoulder strap which makes it a valuable asset during garage sales, meetings, etc.; it comes with a notepad, so you can start using it right away; it's tough, so take it out onto the field; lock away your money and your secrets! Why would you want a regular 'ol clipboard when you can get this one? 

And because not all file folders are created equal, I am now completely addicted to the Find-It File Folders. I got the All Tab 80 Pack of Letter, Assorted (pictured above) and they are so far superior to what I've been using. Here's why:

- Each folder can have the tab in any of the 3 positions - left, middle and right - you just fold the scored spine to whichever position you desire. This has huge implications to your productivity:  if you can see the tab wherever you are, that means you'll find it faster.

- The box of 80 folders is only $16.99! This means that you can redo your entire home and office within your budget. Woo woo!

- The assorted pack has 5 bright, fun colours, so you can colour coordinate your projects, clients, etc. There is nothing that makes it easier to organize yourself than assigning something a colour. Try it. Just watch how much of a difference it makes.

You can see why I've fallen hard for IdeaStream. Affordable and inventive products that keep me on my game.

You should see my desk.  It's a thing of beauty now.

Stephanie Dickison

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