Bond No. 9's Newest Scent Madison Square Park Comes with Jewelry!

Some scents are truly timeless.

I wrote about Bond No. 9's collection way back in 2009 and yet, I still covet these eau de parfums. Bond No. 9 stand the test of time, somehow conveying warm memories of the past and still being undoubtedly modern and fresh no matter how much time has passed.

Now there is a new beauty on the block - Madison Square Park. You can see how vibrant the park is and how beautiful and dramatic the neighbourhood is. I think the neon pink and green bottle is the perfect way to honour such a place. After all, there is so much to see and do, and if you've been to New York, you know how stimulating it is. Every time I come home from visiting, I feel like I'm actually vibrating for a few days after. It is a high that's hard to come down from.

That's what I love about Bond No. 9 - you can bring a piece of the city with you. And Madison Square Park is one delicious scent! It's unlike any other scent I've come across (and remember, I test them for a living). It is a truly joyous scent with a hint of fruit and champagne bubbles. It feels like summer picnics and laughter or an evening on a large deck somewhere covered in teeny white lights and couples dancing like in a 1940s movie. But it's also so 2011, like being in an art gallery on a Sunday afternoon sipping wine and thinking about structure and form or shopping for local products in your neighbourhood with friends. But it's actually an exhilarating blend of grape hyacinth, huckleberry, prairie dropseed grass, red leaf rose, red hunter tulips and teakwood.

The bottle comes with a removable, grass-green Deco Modern rose-blossom bracelet which can be used as a bracelet or brooch. Bond No. 9 suggests wearing "its double rows of beads on your wrist, or detach the vintage-style rose centerpiece, to use as a brooch"

A gorgeous eau de parfum and bracelet all-in-one? I think your summer is now officially made.

Stephanie Dickison

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