Preppy's Back But with a Modern Twist - Vera Wang's Preppy Princess

Vera Wang's Princess made me feel youthful back in January.

And now Vera's got a fresh, new take on it - Preppy Princess. Described as, "Confident. Edgy. Savvy. Where downtown meets uptown, her reigns begins. She's the leader of the pack, confident and always dressed to impress. Without every trying, she is the center of attention. She rules in the most fashionable way," this is a scent that makes you smile.

Vera Wang says that the fresh, slightly sweet scent was inspired by "an obsession with a very specific type of girl. Preppy Princess combines elements of legacy and tradition with confidence and modernity." Vera says P.P. is, "clean-cut, smart and not overly conservative anymore. She wears her pearls, blazers and pleated skirts with super high heels. She is a fashion prepster."

I think that I have that in me, even if that isn't how I dress day-to-day. I do have a number of pearl necklaces and high heels...

The scent is confident and edgy with a sweet finish, thanks to crushed berries, bergamot and red delicious apples. Honeysuckle, peach blossom and vanilla orchid give it a fresh sun-kissed feel while sensual woods, musk and patchouli ground it.  There are over a hundred ingredients here, so enjoy as it unfolds as you wear it.

The heart-shaped bottle that we came to know with the first Princess scent is made further iconic with a hot pink hue, painted with a smart white and blue plaid. And white pearls adorn the midnight blue cap. You're going to want to prominently display this cutie!

Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, stars in the exuberant print ads (pictured above). And though the ad features young girls and guys, someone older (like myself) can totally rock this fragrance. Just try it - you'll see how much fun it is to wear. You'll be humming on your way to work for once, maybe even dancing a little as you go down the grocery aisles. It captures - and releases - the youthful side you still have, but may have temporarily tamped down due to a hectic lifestyle. It makes you want to go out and sing karaoke, break out your old dance moves and try some new ones.

This fun and flirty scent is available for a limited time only, so get it now.

You're never too old to be a princess, thanks to Vera Wang.

Stephanie Dickison

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