Wear Vera Wang's Princess At Any Age

Not too long ago, I reviewed Vera Wang Anniversary, which has come to be a daily staple for me. Just what I like  - clean and crisp with just a hint of luxe.

So when I got the opportunity to try Vera Wang Princess, I was intrigued. Could I pull of such a youthful scent?

See, as you can see by the ads, Princess exudes youth and vitalty. It has vanilla and energetic scents such as dark chocolate, mandarin meringue and pink frosting accord. Not exactly your mom's Chanel No. 5...

But I have to admit, it's damn appealing - I feel so buoyant when I wear it. It is a happy, hopeful scent with verve. 

I like that it makes me feel young at heart, yet isn't at all childish or treacly. Water lily, golden apricot skin, ripe pink guava, Tahitian flower, wild tuberose and forbidden woods combine to make a completely delectable scent that has me delighted and joyful all day long.

Go to Vera Wang's store locator to find out where to get Vera Wang Princess near you. 

You wanted to make this year a happy one, didn't you? Vera Wang Princess is a great place to start.

Stephanie Dickison

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