Playboy Introduces Its New Fragrance For Men: New York Playboy

Back in January, I introduced you to Playboy's new scents for women. Now there's something for the fellas.

Playboy's new fragrance for men, New York Playboy is incredible - musky, woody, but not heavy at all. There is a light citrus that lifts it (limes) and seductive tones (vetiver and vinyl accords) that center it, making it a heady concoction that is decidedly modern, sexy and playful. Just like NYC. 

I think much of New York is sexy - from cab rides to insanely loud bars. So this fits right in.  And it's so intoxicating that you AND your fella won't tire of it (which to me is a sign of a superb scent).

The bottle is a simple flask shape, but the label is downright incredible - a black brick wall adorned with a graffitied Playboy Rabbit head, done by renowned graffiti artist Seen (also known as Richard Mirando).  You get the urban downtown vibe from bottle to scent.

I looooove this scent on its own. Imagine how insane it'll make me once it's on my fella!

New York Playboy is available in select drug and mass retailers across Canada in March.

p.s. Something tells me the journey isn't going to stop in New York. Stay tuned...

Stephanie Dickison

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