You Can Be Whoever You Want to Be with Playboy's Latest Perfume Collection!

I am not really a Playboy kind of girl. I wear office appropriate clothing to most events and feel kind of slutty wearing long, dangly earrings.

But my interest was piqued by Playboy's new fragrances. What does a Playboy Bunny smell like?

The collection features 3 scents that you choose based on your mood - will it be Play It Lovely, Play It Spicy or Play It Sexy today?

I love the idea of trying on a mood in addition to a scent. And truthfully? Deep down, I would like to try the whole bunny outfit on. Not to parade in or for anyone to see, but just for me - does the sexiness come from the outfit or within, I wonder?

So for me, these scents are kind of like trying on the suit, without the tail.

I try Play It Lovely first.  The gorgeous blond on the video says it feels like "jeans and sandals kind of a day." I can definitely pull off casual and light. And the scent it light indeed. Citrus keeps it sunny, while cherry baby orchid, belle de nuit, tuberose, amber, patchouli and other intoxicating scents keep it interesting.  Ooh, I like this. A lot.

I wasn't sure that I would like the idea of Play It Spicy. I gravitate towards light, clean scents or dark, plummy ones.  This scent is about being in charge, being seductive. Hmm. That doesn't sound like me. But I was surprised how much the scent is me, though Playboy calls it "the edgiest of the three" (Me, edgy? Ha!). It's quite a feminine scent. Perhaps it's the belini cocktail, tiger lily or passionflower that makes it surprisingly ballerina-esque. I'll be wearing this one too.

Calling a fragrance Play It Sexy is just about the smartest marketing plan ever. Who doesn't want to be sexy? And according to the Playboy video, it drives boys wild. A "sultry oriental scent," it is quite captivating - a little bit sweet, a little bit naughty.  Liquorice and jasmine tea? Pink grapefruit and pink pepper? It's quite the cocktail, let me tell you. It is one of those warm, woodsy scents that is decidedly womanly. Mmm. This is definitely a keeper...

I have to admit that I think I had a somewhat outdated idea of what Playboy was and is. These scents and women depicted in the videos are very modern and not at all cloying or overly sweet, like I thought they would be.

Playboy's latest scents for women are smart, sexy and edgy - just like you.

They are available now at drugstores and mass retailers across Canada.

Stephanie Dickison

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