You're Going to Love Schwarzopf's NEW Essensity Line

As you know, I have crazy wild hair that is near-to-impossible to tame.

Really, I require a team of stylists - one to hold me down, one to pull on my locks, another to apply product and one more simply for prayers.

But since I am no rich girl, I try and find products that will give me results. Immediately.

Schwarzkopf does it each and every time.

So when I found out about their NEW Essensity Line, I knew that help was on the way!

This line uses "pure certified organic essences & essential oils drawn from innovative, efficient extraction techniques such as freshly freeze-dried essences of Aloe Vera."

Talk about modern.  
And to put your mind at ease, all products are free from artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin-/mineral oils and parabens. So you get the high style you want, without all the chemical junk to go along with it.

I am all over the Smoothing Cream. Using cold-pressed organic essence of sesame, this thick cream give you instant shine and smoothness, taking you from bouffant to beau-ti-ful in mere seconds.  And since it's a finishing cream, your hair doesn't get weighed down or greasy in the process.

And for a little control, you've got to go with the Styling Juice. Made with freshly freeze-dried organic essences of red vine bud enhanced with organic blackcurrent bud extract, this light spray goes on your just-outta-the-shower locks and gives you the soft, silky hair of rich folks.

To prove how well it works, I bleached my hair yesterday and it was like putting your hand in a box of Shredded Wheat. I spritzed my hair just 3 times with the juice and after blow drying, my hair feels like satin sheets.

I told you Schwarzkopf was good!

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