5 Quick Fixes to Help You Get Through Your Already Hectic Day!

Recently, I did an entry about 5 quick fixes. You know, things that will work quickly and save you a little bit of time during the day.

I mean, who has time to run to the salon or spa every time to get your hair deep-conditioned or coloured or a facial done? And thinking about presents for people – there’s so much to do, can’t someone just point out neat items that might be of interest?

The response to Quick Fixes was overwhelming, so I’m going to incorporate it as a regular feature that will run from time to time.

And to celebrate, how about 5 more?


Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Beauty & Style Editor of the knack

J. R. Watkins Apothecary

Are you looking for something with all of your daily essentials in one sweet package?

I have found it all in the J. R. Watkins Apothecary Sample Kit, available at select Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall London Drugs and Zellers!

It’s got your whole body covered with hand, body and foot creams and oils, so your skin will feel soothed and cared for.

For my hands, I love the smell and feel of the Lavender Hand & Cuticle Salve for at night, and I use the Lemon Hand & Cuticle Salve during the day for a little pick me up in the middle of the afternoon.

After a long day of walks and meetings in my teal wedge sandals, my feet need a little respite, so I soothe them with J.R.’s Peppermint Rejuvenating Foot Cream, making them creamy soft for the next day of wear and tear!

Pure Lemon Body Oil feels so good after a long hot shower and leaves my skin feeling clean and supple. Shiny and sexy too!

And for everyday moisturizing, I use the Mango Shea Butter, Lemon Cream Shea Butter, Aloe & Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion and Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion. I change what I use depending on the day and my mood, which is fun and feels so luxurious!

Not only can you see all of the contents in the little clear case, but because the bottles and containers are small, you can safely take it on the plane with you, either in your luggage, carry-on or purse.

It’s perfect!

Oregon Chai

I know that you’re in a rush and you’ve got your protein bar and bottle of water, but don’t you want to shake it up a little?

Try Oregon Chai’s Singles (the same company that brought you Oregon Chai concentrates!)– an all-natural fruit-flavoured iced tea with Chai spices. There are 3 flavours – black tea with lemon, black tea with peach and caffeine-free red tea with berry, for those of you not looking for an extra hit of caffeine at the office.

Just empty the packet into your bottle of water, shake to mix and enjoy the strong taste of Chai alongside fruit flavours. Isn’t that sounding better than just plain ol’ water?

Sweetened with stevia and zero calories means not fretting about the contents, and there are 10 to a box so you can have one a day for 2 weeks at, or on the way to, the office without running out!

So now you have something fun to drink without much effort at all.

Pretty great, right?

Quick Tint

Need to touch us your roots, but don’t have the time to visit your colourist?

Now thanks to Quick Tint you can wait a little longer.

It looks and is applied like mascara, though it doesn’t have that crunchy feel that you might expect.

It’s quick and easy to use and it’s waterproof, so you can apply it and not worry about it streaming down your face during rain, your workout or even swimming!

And depending on your hair, it can last one to a number of shampoos.

There is every shade from Pale Ash Blonde to Rich Black so you’ll be able to find something that works for your colour.

I love a quick fix like this. It buys you just that little extra time you need when you’re swamped and have a million things on the go!

And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t still look great while under duress…

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+

I have never really used hair products because I have crazy hair and nothing seems to be able to tame it and I guess I gave up awhile ago.

But thankfully Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Volume Shot Flexible Styling Mousse came along and my faith has been restored.

Just a very little bit of this mousse goes onto my hair and smoothes all of the frizzies away, making my hair seem glamourous for the very first time. It also makes it feel soft and look shiny.

All it takes now is 3 seconds for my hair to look beautiful:

- one second to apply
- one second to smooth
- and one second more just because it feels so damn good!

Jet Fruit Smoothie Mix

I love the idea of smoothies, but can’t stand what a procedure it can be in the morning, especially when you’re in a rush! Ack!

But have I found an incredible solution!

Jet Fruit Smoothie Mixes are not only the easiest thing to prepare (easier than making coffee – pour over ice, blend and serve!), but delicious, refreshing and filling!

Three flavours are currently available – Mango, Strawberry and Peach.

Each bottle contains 25% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins A and E, 60% of folic acid and 100% of vitamin C, so you’re starting the day off to a good start.

As well, I am truly excited that they are dairy-free, fat-free and contain no preservatives!

The 16-oz. reusable bottle contains 4 servings and once opened, stays fresh up to 4 weeks in the fridge!

I have found my new favourite morning routine.

Now if they could just make yoga this easy…

Stephanie Dickison

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